Monday, July 5, 2010

The Nightingale

I wanted this shirt so bad when I first saw it. I was smart and did not buy it right away. I only paid 15 dollars for this shirt. It is originally 38 dollars. I never saw it on the clearance rack until now. I was shocked, and it was my size! I was pretty pumped. Right now its 3 my time. I don't feel good because I took shots all night. I feel like crap and the worst part is I can not sleep.
I should do my hair like this. With my locs. It can be done actually. Even if it is a wig. Right now I am about to watch Courtney Love behind the music. I love her. She is so raw and rock n roll. Her life was turmoil and so was Kurts. Kurt of course is they guy from Nirvana she married and had a baby with. She is so beautiful to me, I wish she did not get a nose job.
Check out my hair growth over a year. Pretty cool! I have been growing my locs for 3 years now and the results are pretty rad.

June 2010
June 2008

More shots of my shirt...from Torrid of course

Do you ever ask that question? Why do men love bitches? I heard women ask it. I agree and disagree. I agree sometimes. I have a friend that gets whatever she wants. Whatever she wants! Literally. And I know why. Because of her looks. And she is beautiful. She is tall, skinny, pretty face....even though alot of chicks claim she looks like an elf. But if I had to be sincerely honest, she is pretty, I admit it. And with that pretty face she gets anything her heart desires. Even when it comes down to jobs. She has men under her spell and she works them to there last dime. So I do believe beauty can get men wrapped into self centered bitches. That I believe is true.
Now do I think all good men are stuck with bitches? No way. There is a fine difference between a bitch and a woman who knows what she wants. I think men want a little bit of a pusher. A little bit of a bitch inside. Because if you have a woman who just agrees with everything you say and let you do whatever the fuck you want, thats just a nanny. Right?

I think women think bitches take all there men because they themselves can't be a bitch. So what is the difference between a woman who knows what she wants and a nagging bitch?

Makes you think..?

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  1. I think you can know what you want and express that without doing it in a "bitchy" way. There are many ways to say things, and the way the message is received is based mostly on the delivery.

    Usually bitches get what they want, but are not liked or respected beyond what they can do for the person that is giving it to them (i.e. "I'm hot, buy me things while I string you along with the possibility of sex", or "I'm so intellectuality gifted that I no longer have to exercise tact because I'm so good at my job".)

    Without balance, I think the relationship will eventually turn out to be unfulfilling, because even the most thick skinned or meek just wants someone to treat them nicely at least once in a while.