Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Belted BFF Segment: Pleasure Is All Ours!

*valley girl voice* Yeah so... I got this belt. And like, its like, so like awesome! It is like super cool like for real. Like...fuck yeah!

Tee Hee! I love being silly! So I got this belt for ten dollars on clearance. It was just staring at me. I got it and it looks good with alot of big shirts, especially button down shirts. Pretty bad ass! Plus it makes my tummy look super good! LIKE SUPER GOOD! Its very dominatrix and Im kinda all about chains and loops. *Giggles* Don't tell anyone!

Check out my hair..its growing right?
Blazer is from Torrid..(big shock!) 39.99 and 50% off that..*fuck yeah!*
Button down shirt from Target sale :(
Big Bangle 4.99 and 50% off that..from Torrid...

look at my waist! Can we say fuck yeah???

Now on to the BFF..( best bitch forever)...
Now mind you I am just checking my email and I find a load of these pictures in my box and my mouth fucking dropped. Look how bad ass this dress is. So bad ass! Of course my girl got the high waisted belt as well....damn I want this fucking dress! This is my first time seeing this dress! And Im salivating...

This is from Avon, she is a sales representive so if your feeling this holler at her. And please don't be fooled by Roses petite short size if your a "thickems" like me..her ass if hella huge and if she can squeeze her donk in it so can us thick ladies!

Heres another summer look from Avon as well. Gold embellishments all over the dress...Im feeling it, and It works wonders on any type of skin tone Im sure. I love the bronze...hawt..

Hoped yall enjoyed this post. I MISS MY ROSIE! She is in Maryland while I am in California...I am thinking about kidnapping her and making her mine! HAHAHAHAHA! Also Im posting a video tomorrow to address some cool people I love!!!!! I mean LOVE! And they are the people who read this blog and support. I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I will be back tomorrow!!! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Ya'll look lovely... I want a belt but they never seem to look good on me... = (