Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ugly In Diego, Beautiful in Dakota

Today was a shitty day. So shitty. I will look back on this post and remember why. Usually, when shit happens to me I give up on life and journals I might have and go on hiatus. But for some reason Im not gonna do that. I love blogging these days. Its fun. Its just such an icky day. Its cold outside and rainy over here. I am having those stressed out days were you try and sleep it off but you still wake up feeling sick and low. I was going to post a video today but it made such a sour turn. So I decided to write it instead of filming myself.

So I wanted to give a follower of mine a huge shout out. Her named "Its Just Me" and she is fucking rad. Thank you so much for that link. I have been having so much issues with people looking at my shit because they have issues with me. People like really do this. They check my blog to see what I am up to and this...well....this someone does not even like me and still sits on my ball sack. So she gave me a link to keep some stuff private THANK GOD. I wish I did not have to do that, but I do. If I had my way I would just blog the person but thats impossible. I like sharing my business and never had an issue with it. Its just when people like "her" lurks around it makes me not want to share. People do this shit. They will stalk you. That is called stalking. Do I like censoring myself? No. Do I like this chick stalking me? Yes. Can't lie, the attention is giving me a sugar rush.

So I wanted to tell "Its Just Me" thank you for the limk! And I will be using it. You guys can follow me on Facebook if you want. You can message me and ask me whats up if your super curious. I'll tell you. People who follow my blog are allowed to spy only :)

So click here if you wanna save me.

So far 2 followers of this blog has messages me on Facebook and asked what was going on. I sent them a message and shared it. Im your book. :)

Thanks you guys again, for all your support

Oh the way..
Check out Miss Dakota Fanning in this spread..she looks amazing!


  1. Yay blog shout out! My second this week! <3

  2. CANNOT believe thats her! she is looking fab!

  3. I love Dakota and she is looking fab in that spread!