Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I Look Like Hoe? 50, Nifty, And Thriving!!!

50 Followers! How about it! Yay! I remember I had fucking zero! lol! Thanx you guys for taking the time out and checking me out, whether its for the images, fashion, being nosey or whatever. I love you all.

I love this quote. It is so true. And trust me those people are out there. Wow I feel pretty amazing and liberated. Right now I am in a FUCKED up situation. But I am always and I mean always going to be one of those people who help out others no matter what. I am stuck in a bind I just cant seem to break out off. But you know what? Situations like this lets me no what important. I hate fact that my personality is like that. It takes situations that suck to happen to my ass for my to care about what I have. Like dumb shit has to happen for me to say "Wow, I have it good, I complain way too much." I had a friends who complained all the fucking time, made me wanna jump off a building.

So any-who, I don't want to talk to much about my situation because honestly people read my shit just to spy on me. I am dead serious. They think I have no idea. But I know. I like the attention but jeez, its different if you hate them. What the hell. So yes to all my followers, I have stalkers and weirdos who actually follow me just to see whats going on with me. Its pretty gay. I wanted this place to be a place where I announce my prenancys (I cant spell..I know...) but I will never be, Its just a fashion blog. Even though I want it to be a diary. Its not happening. This chick is on my ass like grass, you would think I had a dick...because in all honestly she is fucking me....HARD.

So yeah, Im in a little situation. Almost out, at least I think. But hey, at least Im being a good person which is all that matters. I guess? Do you ever hate being to nice? I wish I could be a hard ass like Rose but I will never be. Never ever. Im a sucker I guess, or maybe Im put in this type of shit to realize the good...I was about to get mad at Greg before this "shit" happened, but it made me realize how important he is. He really is. I really love him so much.


This ones for you sweetheart. You know who you are, you suck ass and I hate you. And hate is a strong word but for you I BLOW A FUCKING KISS! MWAH! In the lovely words of Nicki Minaj "What I Look Like Hoe? I Look Like Yes And You Look Like NO!"

Eclipse Bitch! Ya'll see that shit? I loved it and I found a website where you can watch it for free and you know what I am doing for the week. Check it the fuck out! Fucking awesome!

He So Damn Hot...Makes no since....

Truest quote ever!


  1. congrats on 50 girl! u deserve it and more! xoxo!

  2. I think I saw on another blog that you can make protected posts on here, and the reader has to enter a special word to access them. It was really nifty. They could still keep their blog open for new subscribers, but put more private stuff on lockdown. Freedom without worry!

  3. Link!


  4. What's the website where u can watch twilight????