Monday, July 19, 2010

Its Mind Over Matter Baby!

I saw Inception over the weekend and one of my girls Jade has seen it as well. It was pretty awesome and damn right brilliant. Jackie! If your reading this you would like it. I saw it on saturday. Im talking to Rose right now on the phone. We are baby sitting this lizard named Chico. He is a bearded dragon. He is pretty big and has spikes. Oh by the way, he eats mice! I should show you a picture but I don't think I have one right now. I'll snap one later on today. He is kind of cute when he eats. I like him. We only have him for a week, so I hear.

Im so waiting or Glee to come back on, and Modern Family. I wish they would hurry ip and come back on. Those were my shows. Now Im stuck with the Kardashians that I don't even like to watch. Well. Thats a lie. I like watching it. Greg even wants Glee to come back on. I am still shocked he likes Glee. Who would have thought....*pause*...tee hee!

How pretty is Megan Fox. You know what I really like about her. She is such a goth kid. She is so morbid. I love people like that. She hates her life and complains and says she is actually a really boring person. She gets ugly tattoos and she pants all day and owns 30 cats. I love weirdo people. There more fun. This is her photo shoot for Nylon a few months ago.

Nicki Minaj has butt implants and Im okay with that. I wish she was just more honest about it. I love her.
this is Brad Pitts back...nuff said o_O

Willow is gonna be something else when shes older...her style is bumpin..
Love the british leggings..

and for the people who say leggings are not pants..WE KNOW THAT...we just don't give a fuck..there is a difference!

I mean really...
I literally have the most strangest taste in men. You know how most women know what they want. Usually the list will consist of nice guy, dresses nice, wears sandals, likes art, loves to drink wine, likes golf, wears polo shirts and the other shirts that have that alligator on the side....pale easter colored tees with khakis. Some like their metrosexuals, others like their hood-fab thugs, some like their artsy comic dude who drinks starbucks....

As for me I like them all. Seriously. I have no type....
Take this picture for instance... John Mayer and rapper Wale. I would do them both. Im attracted to them both. I just love men, end of story...

There all dumb though :/

My favorite skinny minny Dakota!

In 7th grade I asked my teacher Mr. Franklin could I have this book and he gave it to me.
"Black girls are hot.
So please, don't be afraid of the dark.." - Tia!

wink wink!


  1. LOL you can have John Mayer but please pass Wale this way!

  2. I loved that book so much

    "Where the Sidewalk Ends"

    Must add that to my book list now...

  3. i love nicki too!!!

  4. I luuurrrvedd Where the Sidewalk Ends. I love the pics you and greg take together. Reminds me of the hub and i.