Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Inspiration & Expression: Thank God 4 Bloggin

I love the fact I can escape to this blog. Its always great getting away from life. I hate life at times. Or I hate being an adult is more like it. I am not dealing with so much, my brain makes me think I am going through alot when I am not. Im a worrier. The worst thing to be I swear. Your your own worst enemy. Fuck people. I can do all the work them. I think too much about everything. Sad part is I can not change it. So what is bugging me? Dumb shit. I swear I am a nut case. I just got paid and I am worrying about shit I have no control over. Everyone says that if you know your problem, you do not have one anymore... bullshit. I still worry. I worry about dumb shit and can not stop. Anyone have any tools to get over this? I swear its gonna be the end of me. I think I am going to die at 70 because of my worrying. My husband is the total opposite. Which is okay, because it evens me out.

I cleaned the whole place. Its very nice and cool in here. I live by the ocean so my door is always open. I love the ocean breeze. I have been writing more and more with my little, umm, story. Its good. I let the hubbie read it and he likes it. My girl Jackie read it first of course because I trust her judgment. She said it was good just alot of errors with spelling. I don't know. I feel like I am wasting my time. Im not publishing shit. I feel I am just wasting time....I dunno....
Its a hobby.
But the story line, is amazing. I can not lie. Its a winner.

Inspiration Time:

Dakota Fanning
How bad ass is she right now? Whos buying The Runaways? Me!

Apparently Robert Rodriduez(<... is that right?) has a new movie coming out. I love his vision. Always fucked up.
Im tryna do this in my house...

GO Dakota!

Im ready fro the album Nicki, I mean, really...

Ginger and Baby...*sigh*
Beyonce has ass...did you know that?


MY GIRL ROSE FINALLY SAW ECLIPSE! WHOOOOO! She is team Jake for life. I still do not know..Look at Bella checking his ass out, she knows she wants that wolf d&^%$!!!!
I know I do...

hello nurse...


Chris Brown. I do not listen to your music nor do I condone your ways with Rih Rih...but in all could get it..
I love him and just noticed he was in Clueless! As if?
what a yummy cast....damn...
Music Listened to Today:

Neutron Star Collison by The Muse
Airplanes by Local Natives
Up All Night by Drake


  1. OMG looove that first picture with the heart. I love Paul Rudd in Clueless and I am completely Team Edward.

  2. Erica Jayne- Pretty Mess, Check out the vid on Youtube and tell me what you think...

  3. Mannnn, you really make me wanna see those Twilight movies. I need to step my game up... U should share an excerpt from your story!!! = )