Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Betsey 2 Juicy: Could You Live Without The Internet?

Its been raining all week in California.
Its been so cold and wet. And because people and California are not use to rain, they drive insane. What the hell...

I was in class with my girl Mary and she asked me if I ever had this mexican soup with meatballs...
Of course I said no and she looked at me like I was crazy. I guess it was like me asking her have she ever ate collard greens, and her saying "no."

I have no clue about mexican culture and food, until I got here. Mexican food and soul food are kinda similar in alot of ways. So, I went to her crib and ate the soup that she made from scratch and it was damn good. Spicy and just right, and even had a squirt of lemon in it. She went in her moms garden and pulled out mint leaves and put that in the meat balls...and...I mean...WOW!
That was nice of her.
I did not have to cook that night, she made enough to were I could take some home for Greg. So she saved me buying some food and making dinner, thank god!

Greg killed it, of course...

So I took my test yesterday for math...

Anyway next subject...

So I traded in my beautiful Betsey Johnson bag for a Juicy Couture. And I have no regrets. I am sure I brought up this store called Flashbacks were you can trade in your stuff for clothes or money. I have sold my clothes for cash before as well. So I decided to trade it in for the bag. I even gave up my green converse shoes as well. Then the bag was mine.

Flashbacks is like a really expensive thrift store, basically, a vintage store. They don't accept just anything. Their earrings are so expensive but they are bad ass as well. They also sell costumes for Halloween so you know they are poppin right now.

And here she is...

"See my bag, how I carry her?" Trina - Five Star Chick

So tomorrow Im wearing long sleeves. Its still super cold.
This shirt is pretty warm.
Its the material mainly.

I love these and they are so warm but I can't find the other shoe because its in Death Valley. AKA My closet..
Look how horrible this looks....

Another thing I do miss about the cold air is wearing scarfs. I use to be the scarf queen back in Maryland. But I calmed down since I moved to Cali. I see people now at school wearing scarves and I just can't do it. Its cold out here but, not Maryland cold. Like I can't fathom putting on a scarf walking to class and passing a palm tree to my right, it just doesn't make sense..

Right now, Im tired. Im listening to Jasmine Sullivan's song. God I love this song. Its on repeat.
This song is striking some cords for me...


"Were going in circles, circles, round and round, and while your doing me so wrong I keep on holding your down"....Jasmine Sullivan

So I was thinking...
Im brainwashed.

I can't live without the internet.
I can't.
I was watching this documentary today called Teenage Paparazzi and it made me realize Im kinda...obsessed.
I check Perez Hilton like 5 times a day.
Like seriously.

I call NO ONE...
I now its weird talking on the phone with people because, I have not really done it in so long...
This is bad I know....

Rose is being Snookie for Halloween!

So basically.
Heres my top places I love on the net!

Perez Hilton
Like I said. I go there 5 times a day. I don't buy magazines because of him. Loves it.

Favorite Social Network:
Tumblir....I love tumblr...

Favorite Video Site:
Dime Wars
It just has all the latest gossip and videos on there...always updated...

My Favorite Urban Blogger:
Necole Bitchie, always on point and shows cute clothes as well...

Favorite Fashion Blog:
Young Fat and Fabulous when it was frequent with post, but since its not its defiantly Karlas Closet..because I wish I could afford all that shit...

Favorite Show Online:
The Bimbo Winehouse Addiction Show
Its a very explicit show but I LOVE IT! He films it in his house and talks about the latest gossip in the celeb world. Warning he is WILD! His video is below and I must say, DONT WATCH IT AT WORK! He is a mess but he makes me laugh soo much! Plus he is gay and I love my gays! If you do not like to hear offensive sexual talk then do not watch this. But if your crazy and fun and wanna laugh, watch it.


  1. I prefer the Juicy bag. I love, love, love the interior! Juicy Couture has become sort of like a chav brand in Liverpool and there are fakes everywhere which is annoying because a lot of the stuff is really nice.
    I couldn't live without the internet. I've even stopped watching TV just so I can watch it on my laptop :/ You should search It'sKingsleyBitch on YouTube - I think he's hilarious AND he's gay too haha x

  2. I'm wearing those black sweater boots today! Great minds!