Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Lets Have A Toast For The Douche Bags.."

"Lets have a toast for the douche-bags..." - Kanye West

So I still never seen Jackass. I did go see Paranormal Activity 2 and it was very very good. Thats all I will say. We went back to the Armenian restaurant and it was yum. There was belly dancing there as well. And of course, hummus!
I love hummus.

So when we go to see Paranormal, the fucking movie goes out. We got free tickets from the theater for another movie because of there fuck up. So we got a free movie at that. Yay!
I wanted to see Jackass with the free tickets until, I found out it was only in 3D. The free admission tickets is only for regular movies. Now we have these tickets and no movie we want to see. I kinda wanted to see the Social Network but I don't know.

She was hot!
Get'em girl...
The belly-dancer was entertaining a baby, and the baby was all for it...

So after watching Kanye Wests new video Runaway, I got inspired to draw, again. That video was brilliant. It was so inspiring. I watched the one that was thirty minutes long and I loved it all. It also had snippets of his album inside the video. It was a beautiful love story about loving something different. I feel it was about Amber Rose. How he took her in as well and made her who she is today, but eventually the bird (Amber Rose), flies away...

So I told myself.
You know what?
Im going to draw his album...
And I am..

Never fear. Im gonna still do math or whatever but in my spare time instead of watching t.v. I'll draw. Sometimes I don't find art fun anymore. Maybe because its been drilled in my brain to draw a certain way. An maybe because in art class today, I have to draw chairs...and regular shit...whompers....

So, the first picture Im drawing from Kanyes album is Monster.
Trust me, I might not finish any of this...
But its a fun idea.
The song Monster is with Nicki Minaj and I am going to interpret her verse in art.
My way..

Here is the inspiration photo:

I love italian art. I love the sculptures...and the paintings...huhhhh...Art History was a blast.
I passed them all with b's
Never had o study, I just remembered...
Now if only was that smart with the M word....
Heres my Queen right now..
I had to give the queen a huge ass, can you tell with the huge thighs?

I sketched this girl out of nowhere. She is influenced by italian artist of course. Very greek goddess like? I loved the movement in all of the sculptures and art in the renaissance period.
Probley the close I will ever get to Italy...hahahaha!
Thanks Ada

The Birth Of Venus

Her boobs look real huh?
Never finished ... of course....

I wish this was my bed...

Lies :0)

Imagine their sex, Im sure its...interesting..

Milla Jo from Resident Evil with her daughter Ever
Love the outfit...
Nicks Legs

Another version of Kanyes Album
My Dark Twisted Fantasy
Please watch this epic video, it moved me so much. It was so good. The ballerina dancers were amazing. He took something and made it.....whats the word?

Video Below:

Sexy bird...just zexi!


  1. AMAZING VIDEO Kayne is so emotional and deep he is in a league all of his own

  2. I actually enjoyed the video. A lot of people seemed to hate it though, at least those that commented did anyway. and I said to myself the video is 35 minutes long you knew you hated it around minute 9 why stay and watch it?

    Anyway one of the reasons I like italian art is because all the women they portrayed were thick. I always thought that was cool.

  3. Your artwork is amazing. I've always wished I could draw, but I am the queen of stick figures!