Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love, Life and Hate

This week is over. Finally. This week was filled with money issues and headaches. No lie. All of it got handled but talk about one thing happening after another. I mean the troubles never ended. But luckily everything is settled. I find it funny that I will never call my parents for a hand out. My parents have money and would lend me money in a heart beat, but for some reason my pride won't do it. Its expected from a daddies girl. But luckily I did not call because I got it all worked out. The sucky thing right now is the fact my dad still did not receive his birthday gift, and I mailed it last monday. I wanted it to be a surprise but it looks like its not even coming. I should have asked for a tracking number but i figured since I always send mail at the same place, how would they mess it up?


What a week, but hey, its over.
I was watching The View and saw this very moving story about this couple who is trying to have a baby, but unfortunately, they lost it due to a miscarriage. I cried. I felt so bad for them and it seemed like my situations are not even important.

People go through so much things.
It scares me the fact I can't even handle regular problems.

Then I watched Project Runway, and this guy Mondo explained how he is HIV positive and never even told his family.

Like, I felt ashamed stressing at the dumb shit I bitched about...
These people walk by me everyday...
with cancer, with HIV, with terrible trauma issues...
Yet, Im the one frowning about things that, just don't matter....

I almost felt like I was insulting their problems....
I need to be stronger.
I need to be so much stronger...

I found this picture of my hair last year, check out the growth.
Alot of people ask why did I Loc my hair.
Easy answer.

I hate doing my hair. It sucks. I always hated doing it. My mom had locs all her life. So I guess in a way it rubbed off on me. Im not a big "curl, wrap and brush" type girl. I like to wake up and go. So far its been 4 years with Locs.

Im typing again. I took a break.
In all honesty I should be studying. Its hard to do when you fail a test you studied for. It gives you less drive to study for the next chapter. Almost like, "Whats the point?"It deals with fractions. Great...
Can't wait...
Looking fab as always. I can not stop looking at her. She is so epic. The red hair is starting to grow on me, I can not lie.

Did anyone see Social Network?

I keep hearing it was super good. Im not sure. I seem to have very bad taste in movie choices lately. The story looks moving, but I don't know. It might just be alot hype and thats it.

Zahara Jolie Pitt
how amazing is this?
Miley leaving a club
Really Miles?

I love the folds in her thigh. Art at its best.

Looking amazing
If you have not downloaded Whip Your Hair...your crazy

So Im sure everyone has heard about the recent suicides of gays this week. Its so sad. Im not a lesbian but one thing I do know about is getting tormented at school. I was bullied and pushed to the extreme. Kids can be so evil. It hurts be to know that schools let this kind of behavior happen. High-school was a walk in the park for me, but before that I use to be tormented at middle school. So bad that the principle and my parents got involved. One of the worst times in my life. We all should watch what we say to people. Could you imagine being a push to a persons death? Its wrong. I know alot of people are saying that they should not have just ended their lives over something like bulling. But when you are bullied, you do become suicidal at some point.

Stop hate.
Watch what you say to people.
Bulling is a serious thing.
Till this day, Im still effected by the torment I endured.
Its something that brands you for life.


  1. The first photo is amazing; it's like art. I read that Mark Zuckerberg thought the film portrayed him in a negative light and he said he wished they didn't make a film about whilst he is still alive. I thought that was interesting so I can't wait to watch it! I love that last picture too x

  2. Don't forget to talk to the teacher about the math thing hun. Glad you're writing again, but don't do it if you should be studying. It's frustrating I know, but don't give up.

  3. I hate 50 cent gosh u smell that its his breath yuck WILLOW ROCKS Rhianna Dueces okay lol nice blog the wait is over