Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Editorial: Kelly O & The Life & Times of..Me?

Today Im not cooking. Well, maybe I will. But this morning I am going to Jack In The Box for breakfast. Im in the mood for eggs and french toast of some sort. Better yet, hash browns. One or the other. Its 9:00 and Im waiting for the apartment people to check.....well..... I guess the fire alarm and all the rest of the electric things in here. So I have to wait between 9 and 4. I hope they hurry up because I don't wanna be in here while there checking everything. You don't have to be here. But its my day off of school and I really have no where else to go, unless I go to school and see Mary and Jess. Speaking of them, I we all were so over art yesterday. Our classwork is to draw the art fun. The things is, which makes it not fun at all, we have to measure and all this crap...what the hell is this MATH? Anyway, Im not bringing up math. Screw that. Im not mentioning it for a while. The thought of algebraic expressions makes me want to gag.
This is about to be a T.M.I. moment. So Im am going to warn everyone now. I am about to say something "disturbing". If your a guy reading this, I suggest you stop now. All right, so here it goes.
Im on my period and it feels like the worst thing ever. I have never felt this sick in my life. I use to get sick like this in highschool but it stopped since I started taking birth control. I started my period like 3 days ago and it feels like little smurfs are kicking the shit out of my pelvis. I can't move all day. My legs hurt. I feel like shit. Im crapping 24/7 while taking freaking pills. I do not know what to do. I drink tea but it don't do shit. Greg has been rubbing me to sleep every night because of my pain...It hurts! I still take birth control but not like I use to, Im starting to miss some here and there, but it has my period off. It like 24/7 cramps and weird aches....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

So anyway...

I saw this questionnaire. And I thought you might wanna learn new stuff about me, whether you just wanna be noisy or just wanna laugh..
Or even if you hate me and need ammo :)
1.) Your middle name, and how you feel about it.
Mekeda and Im feelin it...

2.) Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any.
I have seven tats and a belly piercing. I like them all except the one on my back that I got when I was sixteen.

3.)Your favorite television program.
Glee, hands down. And Jersey grew on me

4.) Write about your closest friends.
Rose bff hands down. Britney is a good friend as well. Mary has melted pretty well with me ...I have many more, but Rose knows all my business and weaknesses...
Like if Rose ever turned on me, I'd be in biggg trouble.....she knows everything :)

5.) Tell us your three favorite colors.
Purple, Black and Pink

6.) Your favorite season and why.
I love winter, because its nice to curl up with a book when its snowing outside.

7.) Are you a fitness guru or a coach potato? Talk about your fitness habits.
Im not a fitness guru nor am I a coach potato, I do love to sleep though. I eat tofu and hummas and I love pineapples and summer salads. I catch myself dancing around my apartment alot, but at the same time, I'll go to Cold Stone for a "Cookie Dough Dont You Want Some" icecream and murder it....basically, I could give a shit.
I do what I want.

7.) Your thoughts and opinions on Harry Potter.
I like Harry Potter. Im not a big wizard fan. But the movies are pretty cool. Now if your talking about vampires and wearwolves who fall in love with dinner....well...Im more about that.

8.) Your favorite Disney movie.
The Little Mermaid, hands down. I was three when it came out and I loved it.

9.) Your first celebrity crush.
I was seven years old exactly, and I fell in love with Antonio Banderous. Thats how I knew I liked men. While everyone in my class loved Immature, I loved a 35 year old mexican. Thats how I knew I was different.

10.) What would you name your daughter if you had one?
Its already picked actually. Haha! Greg chose the name as well.
T'Kyla Rose McNeely

"Aww a little Tia with a big afro puff on her head!" -Mary

So this is my editorial edtion.
The fashionesta for this post is Kelly O.
She lost alot of weight and looks like a booble-head..
but I loved her even in her thick days..
Check her out

This would make my day....seriously....

Im buying this...

Umm..Greg and I have a little crush on Britney from Glee....just sayin...

I love the way you're mad....
Kim Kardashian, that was so wrong putting Reggie on blast on your show.
But if your really over him pass him my way.
Alright Im done.


  1. If you can't decide between two different breakfasts, I say have both! Haha I like your little Smurfs analogy but yes I know what you mean. I don't get it as bad as you from the sounds of it but I do sometimes think urgh I hate having a womb. I love Winter too except I'm not as intellectual and I'd probably curl up with my laptop. And it never, ever snows here so that's rubbish -_- x

  2. Kelly Osbourne looks a lot more like her mom now too.

    Antonio was one of my early crushes too. My first crush however like for real OMG crush was the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. He's still hot too. He fights in the MMA. Wants to touch him...

    About the period Grab a bottle of Gatorade and stretch out with a real good heating pad. Gatorade worked for one of my other friends with real bad cycles.