Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saved By The Bell: "Nerd Fashion"

Always want to show that I dress pretty normal and have my chill days. People feel you have to wear sweats and a big tee to dress down but I do not think so. Some people think in order to look sexy you have to wear a short black dress and high heels, thats not very true either. I think you can be funky and fly wearing sneakers and be sexy at the same time. This look right here is very relaxed and geeked out. Who does not love batman? I threw on a blazer to keep it kind preppy and chic. I love throwing things off. Like dress slacks and converse...or pencil blazers with ripped jeans....its so cool to me...

Thats my book-bag for school, a good ole Andy Warhol bag. Its pretty old but its perfect for a book bag or a gym bag. Its pretty big. I had it for a good 6 years. I love the little guns all over it. I once took this bag as a carry on on a plane and got alot of...looks...

Blazer: Torrid
T-shirt: Hot Topic
Jeans: Silver Jeans from Torrid
Shoes: Skull Candy Hot Topic
Under Shirt Tank: Yellow from Torrid
Bag: Spencers

My bestie who hangs like a testy is rocking the smokey eye! Im so proud of her. I love when Rose does her face real gothic or grey. She is very fair skinned and thinks she is to light for such dark colors but I think she looks the best with it. I bet her in a deep plum purple, she would look epic...

Rose used the Kat Von D palette
I also love her in black and white photos, she looks timeless....

Over the weekend, Rose bought these hot ass shoes. You will not even believe how much they were. Guess. Seriously guess. Not thirty, not twenty, but TEN fucking dollars! This chick gets all the deals I swear to god! What the hell! She said they also had a red pair but they were sold out. This shoe is a monster.

From Charlotte Rouse

Remember when I mentioned that Rose and her highschool sweatheart got back together? We'll yeah, he does these freaking amazing cakes. I see them on my desktop everyday so I decided to post them..pretty talented huh? And yes, thats a Coach purse....

So my math teacher did not show up yesterday...
What a great day that was...:)

Overall this week, Im happy. Lately I have been feeling kinda high and low. I guess its normal. Alot on my mind.

Does anyone watch Teen Mom?
I do.
Makes you see what having a baby is really like.

Kim Kim Kim...
I know this sounds like jealousy but this bitch gets on my nerves....
So this chick poses nude...
and claims she does not want to be just a sex symbol..
She is such a liar and a fake...
She drives me crazy!

Her body looks great, I will say that..
If that is her real body....


*pulls self together*

This is me as a man.


  1. I love teen mom yo true life I do Love me some batman and them over expensive jeans are nice cant hate lol Yeah I wish they had the red ones :'( but hey T-SHIRT TIME

  2. love it! And the Kim Kardashian thing is soo true! I love Kourtney the best! I totally agree with u on her looking like princess Jasmine and that butt in that pic, is NOT real!!! She has a vacant stare and personality but i love the show!~

    I love your blog and your scandalest Warhol bag!

    please check out my blog when u have time!

  3. Kim boobs and ass are fake. I do not like that hoe. Only thing she can give me is good face, her makeup is always nice. I love Maci, I didnt feel bad when Kyle broke up with her thought. She was doing too much too fast. Kanye is my love. Me and my hubby went to the GLOW concert for our one year wedding anniversary lolll

  4. I want that batman shirt... Wants it....

    Naw I don't think you're crazy enough to be Kanye if I had to pick who you'd be as a man I think I would pick...
    maybe Rob Downey Jr. (minus the former drug and alcohol problem). He likes being out there but at the same time can pull it back in.

    Or maybe Old school Busta Rhymes back when he was silly and out there. "This is Serious, we could make you delirious..."

  5. I love roses eyes. Im skinneded and i love her eyes. Did she use grey? I dont like kats palette as much as her older onez