Monday, October 18, 2010

Life As We Know It: Whip It Off..

Hi again!
I had a horrible weekend! Yay!
But do not fear! I will not complain about my life on my fashion blog....
I'll just dedicate this post on happiness.
Things that make me happy.

Pretty much, I had to ask my dad for some money...
I hate doing that shit...
I never do it unless...I have too...

I hate asking for shit. But I had no choice. Geez. What the hell. I mean, its normal to fuck up something living on your own for the first time ever. Im still getting use to this whole being an adult thing. Its so annoying sometimes. Because if you miss one step, your fucked. And this weekend, I was fucked.

God! Its sooo expected!

My dad said don't worry about and its okay and stop tripping...
but thats not me...
Im feel guilty...

For christmas I will buy my own tickets home, I will feel better if I did that. Fuck..

Today I did not talk to anyone, not even Mary Berry, my side kick at school. But I was so stressed and did not feel like explaining my sob story. I feel like shit. I know my dad has my back but, I never wanna get to that point again to were I can't handle my own shit... I moved out and I wanna keep it that way. They don't even pay for my school anymore. But overall, everything is fine now. Thanks dad. I should be happy and move on and stop sitting in this shit. Everything is handled...

my ref on my door...I made it :)
So any who, I have test tomorrow.
I studied but not as much, given I had to deal with true life..
Im going to do my best.
Mentally I am not ready.
Not at all.
All I can do is try, Im here for a reason...

Now Back To What Makes Me Happy:
Celebs, Music & Love

Angela Simmons:
I hope she is not really dating that Bow Wow guy. What am I saying? At least he has money.

I would kill for this shirt man...

Rob and Kristen:
Greg thinks they are faking their relationship for the movie. I don't think so. I think they are doing each other. He is so sexy.
Rob I love you.
Lemme borrow ten dollars, I know you got it Rob..

I find Kat a gay way
Love her style as well

Nick. Oh Nick.
Perfect in every way...

Very jealous.....

Whos ready?
You think its gonna be a good cd?
I do...
Im doing a review on both albums...Kanye and hers...

best. rock movie, eveerrrrrr
for me..

Anyone see the movie?

Have you seen Legends of The Fall? If not. Go on Netflix and rent it. If you don't find Brad Pitt yummy in this you might be a lesbian.

This picture is so awesome! Team Snooki!
I would so be her for Halloween but..
Im tall
Im already tanned
I look nothing like her...

I would buy this...

Did you know that Stevo is clean now?

Kanye, Im ready when you are baby...

People keep saying hop off Willows train....
but that video was awesome..
she looked epic!

You Go Willow! AKA Lil Will & Jada...

Tee Hee!

Heres the video is you have not seen it...


  1. I've felt the EXACT same way when I have had to ask for help from my parents. The good thing is we have been blessed with amazing parents who are willing to help when we need it.

  2. I told you that little girl made me miss my braids.

    You are still young Kiddo, sometimes you have to ask for help even when your old. Don't fall into pride because things will get harder.