Friday, October 15, 2010

Chains & Lace: The Editorial

I love lace. And I love chains. I saw this bag in Forever 21 and gasped to myself. It was the last one left. It was only 19.99! Im use to buying pursed 30 dollars and up. I love it. Its so rock star. I wear it with everything even if it don't match.

I got the lace shirt from Torrid.
on clearance...
and 50% off that...
So it was 8 dollars...

I am in love with the blazer look...I can not give up this blazer.
Blazer: Torrid
Lace shirt: Torrid
Tank Top: Torrid
Bag: F21
Belt: Torrid

I love this bag...

Im ready for Willow to release the Whip My Hair video
How cute is she?
Her fashion is a killer as well...

Here are some magazine Editorials I saw online:
Check out the Looks
I want those earrings...all of them!!!!!

Music I Am Rocking On The Pod:

1.) Jasmine Sullivan - Holding You Down (my jam!!!!!)
2.) Diamond - Lotta Money (my club jam!!!)
3.) Sleigh Bells - Tell Em (alternative techno....Jackie..check it out mama)
4.) Back To December - Taylor Swift (IM READY FOR YOUR ALBUM TAYLOR!!!)
5.) No Love - Eminem feat. Lil Wayne

Check Jasmines song....Love her..


  1. I love Jasmine Sullivan I love her voice. Nice with a subtle rasp to it. Amazing. Dream Big is my get up for the game song.

    I'll definitely check out the other song too.

    Love the outfit too, especially the belt. The shirt is hot too. I gotta get some freakin clothes man.

  2. I love this blog too much... U inspire me to shop!