Monday, July 11, 2011

Pink Pocketed: Life Is Getting Better Everyday

Outfit Of The Day: The Quickie

Life is good.
Seems to have been a while since I have blogged but not really. Things are going great for me, I feel. I mean, of course Im getting snags along the way but I will worry when they come. So far I am very happy. Usually I am complaining about something but I don' have anything to complain about. I smile. I laugh. I am happy.

You know. I realized you have to watch the company you keep. Who ever is reading this, older or younger, always watch who is around you. Sometimes the one you love the most can be satin. And sometimes the person you look over the most can be the closest to you. Funny how the world works. I learned so much these few months. So much. All about life and people and how things work. I learned nothing stays the same in people, people change all the time. Every second.
Im all about learning...about life's lessons.
Harsh as they may be.

I look at Greg and think to myself all the time I can't believe he loves me so much. I understand why he does. He says he never met anyone like me before (Im sure my neurotic ways are special to him and only him). But he really listens to me and hears out all my problems. He is so good towards me. Maybe too good. Its nice to tell him all my darkest thoughts, my sad feelings, even the secrets that bind me. He knows it all and I can tell him so very easily. Its nice when someone kisses your forehead and says "I love you" every night. Sometimes its needed. I adore him. I could go on and on. But he is very special.
I know marriage is not for everyone.
But man.
He makes me love it.

Im happy I have him to talk too.
Ladies, I feel actions speak louder than words. Guys can say anything. They can say whatever they want, but its what they do. How he reacts, is hoe he truly feel...
Im on this romance bad....ummmm...back to fashion...

I slept in pretty late, I grabbed my pink pocket shirt and some leggings and rocked some Ugg boots. Kept it simple as I could.

Let me mention, I have been on this crazy vegan craze. Don't ask why. Maybe I miss my Mom who is extra healthy. I have been chugging down soy milk and eating raisins and tofu. Am I trying to lose weight? Hell no. Fuck that. But I have to admit, I am on a organic vegan craze...
I'll talk about it more down below peeps...

Here is some more of my Outfit Of The Day:
All From Torrid
except purse/shoes
bag from Target
shoes from Marshalls

gotta love pockets!

So here is what I have been saying about my healthy binge.
I can't stop eating tofu, salad and fruit...
I have no clue whats got into me, but oh well....
Taste yummm....!
Greg doesn't eat the tofu, so I make him chicken, Ima good girl...

sauteed mushrooms

seasoned tofu

Okay honestly, this tastes like milkshake...I kid you not...

Mmmmm Corn!

sauteed peppers...always good on rice

made a summer salad for the weekend, yummerz...
I have no clue what has got into me...
I was brought up on tofu when I was a child, maybe thats it...?

Celeb Candy

All weekend I watched Harry Potter. Thanks to Rose she dubbed me a couple of copies of the movies. Greg and I spent all saturday watching them and we are still not finished! It was fun catching up. Im not a huge fan of the Potter but I was willing to check out the movies and so was Greg. I enjoyed it and I can tell Greg was loving it as well. Very well put together.
Not a bad series at all!
Check out one of the main stars Emma Watson who I think killed it during the premier last week, or was it this week? Either way, she is killing them gowns!
Emma Watson:
Yeah her hair is not the best but you can't say this gown isn't different. She looked stunning to me. Go Emma! She looked very pixie.

I love her blue hair and I hope she keeps it. Her shoes are a mess, but thats Gaga for you

Who's That Lady?
This outfit is bad ass, I adore that damn skirt! The print is hawt as hell... This is of course the lovely bride-zilla Kim K.
I'd be lying if I said the bitch did not work it...She looks stunning...need I say..

Kelly O:
I worship anything she does....
Khloe K.
Out with her step kids, one of them is Lamar's oldest daughter...they are dressed awesome.
His daughters shirt! I want it!

Kelly O:
*sigh* I want those shades...

Throwback Candy:
Rih Rih looks so good, even back in the day, she should dye her hair black again...
killer shoes

I think her name is Alessa or Allisia? I don't know, but I loved her look...

Speaking of Rih Rih:

Zoe Salada:
Stunning dress, right???

More Emma Watson:
I love her. She is my favorite Brit next to Kelly O when it comes to fashion. Some people do not consider Kelly Osbourne british because she was always in America but she seems British to me so Ima call her British. I love her hair cut so much. Im all about Emma this week...


Hands down, bad ass dress of the night Im sure.....*gasp*


Oh and check out my Besties Makeup Tutorial If you'd like....she did great on her makeup



  1. So glad that you are happy in this moment girl! It is such a beautiful thing but I must tell you that that there TOFU is NOT!! EWWW and YUCK!! That stuff has no taste and the consistency is..whoa..I just spit up in my mouth!! I am so glad that you are eating healthier tho! lol Rihanna is so flipping beautiful! Her body is sick sick sick! Kim's outfit is the and how cute is Rose!! Kiah

  2. emma is looking pretty effin amazing! is it me or does lamar's daught kinda look like kourtney K?

  3. I so happy that you are happy. Cute purse.

  4. Thanks for your comment, I follow... Kisses Plus!!!