Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shabby Thrift Store Combo: Wish Lists, Wants & Needs

Okay, so Im sure everyone is tired of hearing about what I got in the mail and from who. Living in California with no family gets you boxes and nice treats from loved ones I must say. Rose went thrifting the other day and picked me up this nice shirt for under six dollars. Pretty nice. I tried it on when I got it and made sure I snapped some pictures. Rose told me she bought it on the phone saying "Im not sure your gonna be able to fit it." I knew I would. Its a 2x and she claimed it was kinda flowing. It fit great! I really miss the thrift stores back home in Maryland. I use to live right at the edge of Washington D.C and seconds away from Virginia. Back home we called it the DMV( D.C, Maryland, Virginia). I lived so close to both the capital and the state of V.A. The thrift stores were the best, I swear. Here I feel its all junk. No offense California but damn! No jeans fit (I figured that), no cute tops...
I mean if your from Cali and know some hot spots please let me know!
But I find it quite odd that Thrift Stores in California suck compared to Maryland....

who saw that coming?

So anyway...
The shirt fit great. Thought I would share it. Wish I could have been their with her like old times to shop it up! Whoop Whoop!

I been walking lately. On the beach. Listening to your ipod and looking at the water while you walk is theropy on its own. Man it takes me somewhere. Im not trying to lose weight at all. I just felt why not. Man, who am I these days. Im not trying for anything. But Its nice to walk and clear your mind..and watch the waves. Its beautiful in the morning. Its always cloudy, hasn't been sunny yet. Beautiful grey waves and a dark smokey ocean. Surfers in the water waiting around 7 a.m to get the perfect wave. Man....explaining this makes me like Im from here...
I been here a while...I can tell...
Its beautiful though...and always will be...

Check Out More Shots of my Thrift Shirt


Im obsessed with M.A.C lippy so much!
I told Rose to help me buy some off Ebay for cheap. I don't have an Ebay account so I needed her help. I owe her money, which I need to pay up soon before she sends her goons. Tee Hee! But I got some more coming.
Sorry Im so late ladies! Im just learning how bad ass this lip stick is!
I own two so far..Im very impressed with myself...

So speaking of Rose and owing her money....

Rose's Shoe Challenge Is Still On:

Todays Shoe:
Day 3
All White Wedges

Yesterdays Shoe:
Day 2
Blue suede shoes from Atlantic City @ Bare-feet Shoe Store
Hell, I'd rock these..
Keep it up Rosie...

My Wish List:
I am back with my wish list again, some things I will never get and some thing I could maybe get down the road. No Oxfords are on here..I think I need to let that dream go. Some stuff I could not wear like these certain heels on here...but I love a bad ass shoe!

Ozzy Shades
I can't wear shades because Im so afraid of contacts, but I always wanted a pair of Ozzy shades..Or something like this..
(love her whole outfit)

Betsey Johnson Nude Heels
These are a beauty! Nude shoes and a corset in the back of the god damn shoe...if thats not sexual I don't know what is...damn...!
Oh My My!

Owl Dress & Company
I love this dress and I have seen it everywhere. Anything with owls make me happy. I already have some earrings like this and jewelry but it would be nice to rock a Owl shirt or dress.
(the color in this is amazing)

Cow Neck Shawl
I love this shirt/shawl. Its so pretty and I usually love the material of them all and they stretch pretty great..I want I want!

Essie Nail Polish
Believe it or not, I seen this nail polish in Bed, Bath & Beyond. What the hell right? I seen them there but they are like seven bucks....and home girl aint tryna pay that much...
Beautiful colors...I might have to give in....

African Bow
I have dreads and me rocking this bow would make me look so fierce...
I love this chick earrings as well..I swear...accessories make an outfit more than you think...
(afro pick earrings??.....i died)

Pink Hangers
Dont ask...but yes...I want some...

Celeb Candy:
Beyonce looked amazing in the new Complex magazine. Im sure everyone has seen these pictures. So I figured I would just post these two. I don't want to over do it.
She looked great...AS usual...nothing new...
I would love if she cut her hair or something daring...

She rocked like...a freaking button down man shirt...Im sure she has something under there...
right?? Lol! I love Rihanna, she does no wrong in my eyes...


Blake Lively
I love her hair so much...

Eva Marcelle

Taylor Swift
She is so she looks her

Amber Rose
fierce...she looks really good when she cleans up, but her fashion game has fell off a bit since Kanye disappeared... its true...Wiz can't swipe like Kanye can...(wink wink)
and scene...

I don't.

New Read!
Okay, so Rose is gonna call me a ding dong...but she kept asking meof I have heard about the book called The Hunger Games. I told her no and then she stated its about to be a movie. Automatically I think well, if a book is about to be a movie....maybe I should check out the book. I haven't had a good read in I thought maybe I should check it out. And I did.
Its sounds weird, but I might like it!
You never know.
I once was at a bookstore a couple of years ago and I picked up this book I kept seeing and walking by and finally decided to buy it because it was on-sale. I went up to the cashier and asked her "Is this book any good?" And she said "Well, I liked the last book of the series the best, but you can check it out I guess." I looked at the back of the paper back book I was holding and shrugged to myself. "Its 5.99 anyway, can't hurt"...I threw it on the counter and bought the book.
Turns out that book was called Twilight...

I mean hey. Im probably never gonna find a book as great as the Twilight series was, but thats fine..Im still on the look out for something good to read. I swear, there is nothing like a good book.
(shut up ROSE!)

Also, Im going to download Foo Fighters album....
I love them.

Dave Grohl tells the truth in his song. My favorite Foo Fighter song has to be "The Pretender"...One of the best songs ever...
Reminds me how people think their better than you.... but how you can prove them wrong...

Love Ya'll! Mwah!


  1. You look amazing and those nude heels are to die for!

  2. I love your blog doll!!!!!
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  3. Girl you look so cute in that top!! I am a MAC addict!! I have drawers of the stuff!! lol Love both pairs of Rose's shoes! That little girl at the end is so cute! Kiah

  4. I gave you a blog award. Sorry that I haven't been coming around that much. I'm in the middle of moving.