Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strange Fruit

I went to the San Diego fair and it was so bad ass that I got a tan and I got to eat a funnel cake. The only ride I went on was the one that looks like a circle and goes around really slow. Not sure what it is called but every carnival/fair has one. Greg almost pissed himself. Great and wonderful time. Greg said he had the best birthday. Im glad. I made a lot of crazy insane prep for him all by my lonesome.
He had a blast.
Now its back to regular life. School and work.
The fun vacation is over.

Im making the hard choice of going positive. Yes, not going "green" and not going "vegan". But going "positive". Its a challenge. A huge challenge for me. No one likes a negative nelly. I need to look at things brighter and sunnier. I did that yesterday and had the best time of my life with Greg at the fair.
Ever feel yourself shutting down?
In a good way. And bad way.

Strange fruit. Ever heard of that song? By Billie Holiday? Its about racial issues back in the day, but for me that song stands for a lot more. How the strangest humans consider themselves not strange. I even think Johnny Depp said that in a interview.
Hmm... *thinks to self*...
I know its time for me to start drawing. Its time. Words are great, but a drawing has more sound.

Here is some major cool pictures from the fair. Check them out while you Scroll.

poor Greg.

tasted so fucking good

Greg enjoys life better on the ground....

Great great time...

Finally, and I mean finally. Rose finally dyed her hair red. I love red hair. Rose had brown and black for a while, but now its a whole new look. And I love it. It looks very mature. Don't get me wrong, the black hair was fine. Very hot. But lets be honest, red heads are fiery mother-fuckers. Hands down.

The verdict for Casey Anthony is on! Bare with me peeps!!!!
Not Guilty.
Wow...I cant...

She used two boxes. Sometimes you have to wing it to get good results. I bleach my hair for as long as I want until I see results. And Rose used two boxes and left it in longer than the box said. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Bad Ass Inspirational Fashion:
I usually get ideas for fashion and even art ideas from bad ass fashion. Here are some awesome looks that I would wear if I had the mula for it.
Great Ideas.

Hooded Goth:
Love the boots and the long grey dress. I always loved bad ass boots. I always had a thing for witch boots since watching the movie The craft.

African Pop
I think I wanna try rocking a head wrap. Man Im becoming my Mom. She always wears stuff just like this. Again, I love a nice long skirt/dress.

More headwraps and colors:
I really love high waisted pants so much. Plus I love the baggy syndrome with it with a nice stiletto heel.

Floral Detailed
I love floral or anything vintage tarnished floral. Its just very feminine and sexy.

Crop Top & Natural
Aviators and big legged pants, stunning. Not to mention the bad ass clutch she is rocking

Black Kelly O
UGHH, this look inspired me today. I love throwing off a print. I love the shoes with this. I am just in love with the whole idea of her outfit...she is killing me.

Bombastic Prints & Colors:
I saw alot of this kind of print at the fair as well. If I see anything looking like this, it becomes mine..immediately..
Color always makes things better..
And scene...

Amber Rose Nude Scandal:
I would feel so icky if I posted the nude pictures, but they are all over Tumblr. One of my girls/followers from the blog Antonia asked why I did not comment on Amber's nude photos. I actually forgot to comment on given my running around for the hubbies B-day! I did see the pictures and man thats embarrassing. If you go on Tumblr and type it in they will come up. Lets just say she is using fingers. How do I feel about it? Well, I wish my body looked that great. She looks amazing. How people don't get razor bumps on their va jay jay after shaving is beyond me. Is that what bikini waxes prevents...???
Just asking?
She's still hot...

Im checking out Bey's new cd again. I know I know, Im forcing myself to like it.
But maybe this try will help me like it more. Im loving the song 1+1 right now, but thats about it. Im not feeling her party songs at all.
I could do without.
When I watched her documentary on MTV it made me want to explore her album a bit more.

One of the things that moved me about her was her quote about the ocean. She explains exactly how I felt by the water.

"I'm always happy when I'm surrounded by water. I think I'm a mermaid or I was a mermaid. The ocean makes me feel really small, and it puts my whole life into perspective. It humbles you and it grounds you and it makes me feel almost like I've been baptized. Am I the same Beyoncé? Absolutely not." - Beyonce

Love you guys, I'll be back tomorrow...
I learned that.


  1. Glad you had a good weekend and glad Greg birthday went good. Rose looks great with red hair


  2. A) You are just so beautiful and B) FUNNEL CAKE!!! yUMMY!!

  3. I agree. Your cute, funny and your infectious. Rosa should keep her hair that color. It looks great.


  4. Happy Birthday to Greg, sounds like you guys had an amazing day!