Monday, July 18, 2011

African Wind: Me & The Boobooski!!!!!

Whats up ladies! And maybe one gent? I had a very peaceful weekend. Kinda.
I relaxed with Greg and napped around with him. We enjoyed each other a lot, so much cuddling which we kinda love to do (I know, vomit). It was very tranquil and calm. A lot is still going on in my life but Im handling it one day at time. Because thats all I can do. I must say...
Make sure your good to your friends and family...
Like, for example...
Be good to your family and tell them how much you love them, even if they are not your favorite parent or even if one of your friends are not on your "favorite person" list. Because you don't know fully what goes on in someones life. This is very true. Make sure you tell the people you care about (boyfriend, friends, Mom, Dad) that you care. Because no one tells you everything. No matter what they say. You don't know their whole story. Someone might be going through some very physical hardships or dealing with a lot of stress that you know nothing about. Basically, be good to people.
You might think you know, but, you actually have no idea....
Just a thought...

Okay, sorry, a little life lesson came into me...
I went to Forever 21 and got this wicked top. I usually don't go inside there given their cut small and their is no Forever 21 Plus around here. But I went in anyway and got a Large top that actually fit. Praise spandex! I loved it and it was only 12.50! Verses me going to Torrid and paying retail 38.90 for a god damn top. Kiss my fucking ass Torrid. Thats a whole other rant. But any-who! I love this top, of course because of the print! Very african and tribal, and Im shocked I can fit it..even with carrying my boobooski! (wink wink to Notorious Zag)
She nicknamed my baby already! Love her!
I have been using it!

Heres the Inspiration:

Ugh, I love this print. I saw so much in F21 but some stuff I could not pull off, but this one I did. And for some reason I could not find any extra larges in the store at all! Oh well, I made it work. So calling all thick chicks, check out F21 and just pull on them shirts to see if they can fit them boobies, because you might be surprised! I sure was! Check out the necklace I bought along with it for 4.80!
Anything with a touch of cerulean blue is mine...aka turquoise!
More Shots Below:

The necklace was so pretty to me! I loved the stone and feathers....
Close Up:

God I love this top...I want more. More I tell you! More!

Rose & The Shoe Challenge:
So Rose is on a mission. She is challenging herself to rock a different pair of shoes for the rest of the month. Great challenge. Rose has so many shoes that it is possible! She is doing it every day. Usually, she wears the same shoes everyday but not anymore. Can she do it? I think she can. I will post her shoe challenge every time I post. On the days I don't post, I will catch you guys up with more than one picture. This should be fun!
Heres her first shoe:

And Rose got the Boobooski some more little clothes! I cried when I saw it (im not gonna have your traditional baby shower with family or friends) so it touched me. I loved it.
Makes you feel loved. If Bored..check it it shows some stuff she picked up for herself.

Celeb Candiez:
Look at Alicia Keys post baby. She looks good to me. I love the fact she looks more mature and older. I love her legs, there so normal and womanly. I love her curves.
Here is a shot of her baby! What a cutie pie! Ekk!
His name is Egypt. Her man seems so sweet.

Rih Rih:
Rihanna rocked her swimsuit and walked around with this....cover up...
Kinda weird. She looks fab. Why rock this interesting cover up...Hmmm...
The bikini under it was cute and so was the shoes...

Lady Gaga:
Finally, she looks a tad bit on the regular side. I love this! She looks so hawt! Her shoes are a killer! I love when she dresses like this. Without the weird hats. Its refreshing sometimes.

Kelly O:
I adore thee...

The Three Wonders Of Solange Knowles:
Sometimes, she looks great and sometimes, she looks very..interesting. I love her style. I adore her natural hair. But man, I see her one night and Im stunned. Then the next I will be like what was she thinking. Solange was out and about and rocked three looks, one I felt was okay and the other I thought was fab. What ya'll think?

I felt this was okay. Just okay. Her hair is just taking away from the whole outfit for me. Its too much. I do love her star leggings and her blazer.

Now this is massively bad ass! Her hair is wrapped in a bun. I like that much better. I love that orange as well. I love the shoes as well. She looks stunning. And oh those pants!

I love this look as well! Long hair and wrapped leopard bandana...cute!
Ughh, I love the nude shoes and blue slacks! Ughhh! Nevermind, Solange is a beast!
Okay, enough of Solange...but damn she was working it!

Jennifer Hudson:
withering away but cute

Ashlee Simpson:
Love that jumper! And the rock star hat! Her style is unrated, I mean really. Love the shoes and the bag...she is ex on wheels.

Eva Maricelle
You know why I like her!

Angela Simmons:
Shoes are too die for!

Serena Williams:
and Kim Kardashian is sexy??? *pffft*

Amber Rose & Wiz:
Ugh, I think she is so pretty, she could do better. At least she is happy. I seen enough fucked up relationships go poof. She is so hot. Wiz...not so much...eww!

Harry Potter was Good!
Yes, I saw Harry Potter, for the first time in theaters and it was great. I watched all the movies of course, and man, great finale. I enjoyed it a lot, and so did the hubby Greggerz. Im surprised how much he loved it. Now Im ready for my book Breaking Dawn to come out already!
Whoop Whoop!
Mwah You Guys!
Hope Ya Enjoyed!

Good Question....


  1. I love the print on that top. I feel the same way about Forever 21, I never expect their clothes to fit me!!

    I can't believe how tiny Jennifer Hudson is getting, its CRAZY!!

  2. Im loving the tribal look! You got it right!!! I had to say eww at the Wiz and Amber pic! a mess chile!

  3. Awww, yaaay Boobooski!! Auntie Rose got her some gifts ^_^ I swear, she is an awesome friend! I want one!! That shirt is so adorable, I'm really into the African prints and the black and white goes great with that turquoise jewelry, another one of my favorites. Speaking of the Roses, Rose's shoes are BAD...great first pair. And Amber Rose is everythang, while Wiz...not so much. Serena with them greased up legs looking like she's about to do some DAMAGE! That's a big ass!! She looks good in that pink; I remember her and Venus with those dry braids, blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. NOT CUTE! I'm feeling Solange and her poetic justice braids. I want some; they'd look awesome wrapped up poetic justice style, but instead of white, a colorful African print. Gaga and those shoes though...yes honey! AND last but not least, I totally understand your lesson learned, I learned the same one a few weeks ago when a friend turned his nose up at me for missing his party, without knowing why I missed it. Even after I apologized. Then I had to end up explaining the embarassing reason I missed it, then he felt like an ass. Like you said, it doesn't pay to be mean to the people you love, because you never know everything going on in their lives. Great post! Muah!! xoxo

  4. You are too cool. Your comments on my blog totally put a smile on my face and made my day! Thanks for finding me. :)

    The F21 that I go to (once in a blue moon) is so overwhelming. I've been able to shop online from the straight sizes with luck, but in store I'm a hopeless mess (you'd think it'd be the other way around, huh?! lol)

    You picked some amazing celeb inspiration. Solange is making me jealous with her perfectly paired bright colors!
    And Ashlee Simpson? She can't do no wrong!

  5. Your comment made my night BOO!! You scored on that shirt...its HAWT!! Rose is the sweetest BFF anyone could have! She has such a giving heart! Now that I know you are having a girl I will have to send you something cute from auntie Kiah! ;-) I know Rose is frowning after that statement! lol Love you Rose!! haha Solange is killing the game! The girl is always looking Gorgeous! Amber and who ever that thang is need to sit down somewhere! Ahhh NOW!! lol Kiah

  6. Love the print of your shirt!! cute cute cute!!!

  7. that f21 top is lovely! wow! serena's body is the truth! loooove solange's style! thank you for following! i am following back :)))

  8. Cute Top. I so want to see harry potter.

  9. Thanks for the sub...I got to snag that Serena Williams picture and put it on my wall as I start my weight loss journey. :-)