Monday, July 25, 2011

Walking It Out On A Rope: Awards & Books

Hello My Peeps!
I can't believe July is almost over. Im kind of dreading it because I always fall in love with this month. A lot has been going on for me. And its all been great so far. Summer school is coming to an end and I want to take some time today to do my hair. I was looking on Tumblr at this girl with dreads and man it made me wanna die my hair so bad. I love her look. I was thinking of also getting my nose re-pierced. I miss it. I always wanted the hoop, but was told you can't start with a hoop in your nose. But then I noticed the tattoo place up the street does do it. I think I will. Get my nose rammed again. I think it will look good with my hair as well.
Sorry Im rambling....

So I walk now. Im not trying to lose weight. I know it seems strange me saying I am not a fan of the whole weight lost thing yet I walk and eat right. It sounds so contradicting. Even to myself. But I realized why I do work out now. Im getting kinda, older. I mean, I do wanna look like those 56 year olds who look like they are in their 20's. I can't lie. I wanna be fly when Im older. I also want to breathe in nature and be at one with it. Walk the woods or a path, or like Im doing now...walk the beach. And clear my head and think. Im not on a diet really, I do eat more healthier but at the same time if Im out a restaurant I eat what I want. But lately I have been so into salads lately. Lucky for the baby I guess Im not grubbing on my normal steaks and bake potatoes all the time. I just want a bit of a change. But not a diet. I HATE diets..And I love my body now, even in the state it is in.

But there is something amazing about walking, I feel like I just had a long conversation with life. I feel like I just vented out my thoughts and issues without saying..anything...
Whatever works right?

So I wake up early, drive down the street to the ocean, about 3 minutes away. I park and start walking.

I pass this every time I walk, thanks for the memo.
Tsunami Evacuation Route

We saw Caption America this weekend.
It was good! I was impressed. I can't wait for The Avengers.

Heres the beloved ginger salad I love to get at the Japanese Bistro! Yum!
So freaking good!!!

So over the weekend I got an award!
From my main blogger and good friend Amy, who I met from Blogging! Love her!
And of course, according to these awards...there are rules! So let me follow them.
1. Link back to the person who gave you this award.
I did that above. Love you Amy!

2. Share 7 random things about yourself.

1.) I love to read, and I get that from my Dad.
2.) My favorite singer from the past is Janis her...
3.) I have to sleep with no clothes on, or I won't go to sleep
4.) When I met Greg I shoved him off and ignored him...
5.) I have know my best friend Rose for 16 years and counting
6.) I cry all the time
7.) I love rock music more than anything...

Answer the following questions:

a. Your favorite song
Right now? Its "The Best Of You" by the Foo rings a bell

b. Your favorite dessert
Oh anything cheesecake...

c. What is ticking you off
Im wayyyyyy to nice, and it will never go away...Im am scarred like this...forever...

d. When you are upset, you:
Cry and vent to Greg

e. Your favorite pet
Bruce my Mom and Dads pup back home

f. Black or White

g. Biggest fear
I have so being able to make it on my own

h. Best feature
my smile

i. Everyday Attitude
Be positive...

j. What is perfection
good question

k. Guilty pleasure
Shopping like a maniac....

Award 15 blogs. (In no particular order)

I saw these online and there all 98 dollars, unfortunately they don't have thick girl sizes...they stop at 10. Do people know that if you extend the sizes you would make more know how many people would by this shit? These dresses are still bad ass...

Celeb Candy
Remember the chick from Easy A? Well I don't know her name for shit but man she looks amazing in this get up! Wow.
I love the skirt.
And with the nude heels?? I die.

Nicki Minaj
I haven't seen her lately, in anything I would wear that is, but Im feeling this look.
I love the shoes and leggings...

Mary-Kate Olsen
She is a bean pole but her fashion game is crazy...

Katy Perry
I love her dress! Katy Perry is always themed perfectly! I love it...

Gwen Stefani
I would kill for this dress....kill!

Ashley Olsen
Love her flats and her bag! Geez...

I hate promoting her because I really don't get it her fame. I really don't. But okay. But I would be a liar if I said she was not rocking this outfit.

Angelina Jolie
I just love this family....I die...they look like Brad

Kirsten Stewart as Snow White
Im ready! last week I mentioned I was going to check out this book called the Hunger Games. Well...I finished it in a weekend. It was awesome! I loved it! It had me on the edge of me seat and gasping at the same time. Greg even asked me over and over again what happened next! Man this was a good book! Its a trilogy and man, so great! I bought the second book last night...
Thanks Rose for putting me on! Lol!
Can' wait for the movie!

So tomorrow my hair should be done. I will be posting a new look for tomorrow as well. Also I got shoes from Roses shoe challenge. Love you all!

And R.I.P Amy...her music was magical.


  1. Wow, you get to walk by the JEALOUS!! We went and saw Friends with Benefits, so FUNNY!!! I want to see Captain American, but next weekend were going to see Katy Perry (can I just say how much i hate her blond hair!!) and I am thinking we will check out Cowboys and Aliens!!

  2. Walking is just a way to keep you healthy mama. :D I am jelly of the beach walk!

  3. Yeah I want one of those dresses! I've been stalking them all summer but to fit comfortably I need to lose another dress size. Katy Perry is killing the Smurfette dress!

  4. I have to see a pic of this hair that you are talking about before I say "GO FOR IT" or not! I also know you have excellent taste so I'm sure it is supa dupa fly! ;-) Girl I can't get into movies like Captain America but to each his/her own. lol I would love to walk along the beach and the fact that you live only 3 minutes away from one makes me sooooooooo jelly! I just like to look at the water and smell it but please believe I ain't putting one toe in that mess! I am deathly afraid of sharks!! OMG JAWS IS GONE GET ME!! lol Katy looks so different with blonde hair. ummm...I don't like it! haha She looks so much better with dark hair. I bet your little turkey in the oven and your mom (who you have mentioned before is very healthy) are both glad that you are eating better! I will be wearing hot pink and red in my next outfit post because those colors are smoking hot together!! Gwen's dress is the and so is that 1st pink one! WOW! I can't even talk about Amy. Such a tragedy! She was an amazing artist and one of my favorites! Thank you so so much for the award sweetie! LOVE YOU!! I too wish we were near because I would be over daily to walk and giggle with you on the beach! Kiah

  5. Walking along the beach, how grand!! I can't wait to see the new hair, I sometimes miss my locks and wonder how long they would be had I not chopped them off. Yay to healthy eating, that's wonderful and a great start for Boobooski! She won't have to deal with all the nonsense, so good for you!! The Smurfette dress?? SO CUTE! That third dress? YAAAAAS, I DIE cause that hoe is BAD!! I think I might pick up The Hunger Games, I need a good read. Right now I'm reading Harry Potter with my kid, but I need something more. Emma Stone, I love her style for the most part and she did serious damage with that pink and red ensemble. The nude shoes knocked it out the box. AND last but not least, Amy, Amy, Amy. Another tragic loss of an artist. She was a brilliant talent and a pioneer in her own right, she will never be replaced.

  6. good outfit... !!!

  7. I won't lie...I cried a little for Amy. I was really in love with her voice. Published my first short story, how do you feel about reading Dark Erotica?

    I glad you are doing well. Miss ya!