Thursday, July 7, 2011

White Roses: The Missing Fashion Report

Outfit Of The Day

It is steaming in California! I thought it would be nice to rock shorts today. Outside is no joke and I live on the coast. It is such a beach day. I think I got a tan. Im rocking these shorts and let me tell you, they are so comfy and airy! I posted these shorts before when I purchased them, I fell in love with them and stalked them until they went on clearance. I stalk prices.

Im playing hooky today.
Screw the man.

Im so starving. And I just ate. What the hell. Sorry, Im getting sidetracked.
Check out the pictures:

Top: Old Navy
Black Layered Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Torrid
Ballet Flats: Hello Kitty from Torrid

I felt pretty asian inspired today. With the floral and ballet slippers.
So Tokyo...

So check this out. I have to clean out this fucking closet again. Im such a mess. I don't get myself. I was going through the closet looking for mysterious disappearing of clothes I can't find, and man, I can't find shit because there is so much stuff in there. I swear I lose clothes all the time and have no clue where they go! What the hell!

I was going through my computer and looking at past photos when I noticed half the stuff I posted a year ago is GONE! I have no idea where any of it is! What the hell! I need to file a missing fashion report because this is ridiculous. This is why I started searching my closet. Because every picture that flashed by...I couldn't remember wearing it or seeing it in a long ass time. Is it just me? Am I the only one that loses clothes?


1.) Feathered Eyez: Where the hell is this shirt. I bought like a year and a half ago and I think I wore it twice. How pretty is this shirt! Where is it? I do remember it developing a hole...but I would not have thrown it out...missing item number one...status still missing.

2.) HELLO NERD: I AM PISSED. I never even wore this shirt! Where the hell is this? I so do not have this shirt and I remember buying this in Maryland when Greg was deployed. I never wore this, not even once, yet its no where to be found...KITTY COME HOME! :(

3.) Butterfly Effect: Gone. But I am noticing a pattern. All these shirts are shirts I bought from Maryland. Maybe I forgot to pack some of these before I left for California. That has to be it. Another favorite gone in the wind....

4.) Mellow Yellow: I still have that black shaw, but where the hell is that yellow shirt?

5.) Peace On Earth: Im glad this is the last missing fashion picture...where the hell is my peace shirt! I loved that shirt! What a waste...ughhh, this is making me sad now....
R.I.P Tee shirts....
(If anyone has seen these beautiful shirts, please contact me)

I would like some new shoes. I really want a nude pair of flats and of course, a nice pair of Oxfords. For me, finding shoes is a bitch. Im not a shoes queen like most women. Im 5'9 which is tall to me, and I feel to weird rocking pumps. I barely can walk in them anyway. I love flats and always been a fan, but they are so hard to come by and are built very narrow when my foot is pretty wide. Plus I wear a size 11.
Shoes are not my best friend, but if they were, I would rock these ladies below...

Nude Flats:
These are perfect, I wish I could find this exact shoe! I love nudies so much, but mainly the flat ones!
More Nude Flats:
You usually see these with a major heel, there so hard to come by....

Anything Nautical I love...

Floral + Oxfords = Tia having a Shoe-gasm...

I like the man ones as well.
Nude Oxfords:
Did anyone check out that crazy ass trial? The Casey Anthony Case is known all over the place, Im not sure if people heard about it in other countries, if so, this case is a killer in America. She got away with so much.
Check out this video, kinda how I feel...I love this guys and he is from Maryland where I use to reside....Its pretty funny, but true!

I hate when that happens...

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Okay, so Im starting to feel Bey's cd...
I know! I know! Im a mess...
But here are some bad ass songs to download:
1.) 1+1
2.) I Care
3.) Dance For You
4.) Start Over

Thats All Im Feeling So Far....


  1. Your outfit is uber adorable and those anchor sandals are AMAZINGLY cute!

  2. Cute Shorts. DSW has those Steve madden flats for 30.00 dollars. I hear you about stuff going missing. I was looking every where for my Trucker hat today but I find it. I have OCD when it come to my closet.

  3. Those shorts are too flippin cute! I want!! I love those cute oxfords with the flowers across the front...CUTE! I love Beyonce's song makes me cry! Girl I so know what you are talking stuff comes up missing all the time or how bout when you end up with 1 sock? Where the hell did the othe sock go!!! I mean it didn't just walk off somewhere! WTF (what the FREAK)!! lol Kiah btw - I added your crazy self to my fave blog friends list in my sidebar cause I love ta love ta love ya GIRL! Kiah

  4. I find that I have the same problem with missing clothes, shirts in particular. I bought this navy cableknit off the shoulder, short sleeve sweater (yes very specific) and I have been looking for it EVERYWHERE. And I'm from Maryland. What does this mean... I love those shorts you have on, they're adorable! I love Bey's CD, which I thought I would hate. But I don't! I wrote a review going track by track that I'll probably post this weekend at some point. That I Care joint is so real, I love her again. Sasha Fierce though?? Bury that bitch, I never want to see or hear from her again!