Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cantaloupe & Coral: Beauty In Friends & Fashion

Ever hear about saving the best for last. I got this shirt maybe a week in a half ago. Poor Greg had to wait in the dressing room while I tried a billion and one shirts on. Half the shirts were a no go because of my stummy. Yes..I say stummy, stomach-tummy. But this one fit perfectly. I loved it. I found this store called Shimmer in the mall, and it had plus sizes in there as well. Its a brand new store. I saw this shirt and loved the color and the print. Anything peach, or Coral falls into my bag.

I love this new store! Its called Shimmer and Ima try and go up there again. Maybe this weekend. I have not wore this out-out yet. I was saving it for a special date night, which might be this friday. I will rock it then.
The shirt was not on-sale but I dod not give a fuck. It was about 19.99. I love it. It fits me great and plus it looks rad with leggings. And oh the flowers!

Closer Look:

Here it is on the hanger:

So I got this lovely box in the mail from my bestie with two testies:
All of it was mainly bath wash! Ek! How awesome!
I was so excited getting it I had to pop it open as soon as possible.

She even sent Mac Lipstick by Lady Gaga, yeah I know this lipstick is old, but I always wanted this lipstick. And now I have it! Thanks to Rose. I love her. She gave me great goodies! Im bidding on Ebay for about, I don't know...four more Gaga lipsticks. Hahaha! Im using Rose's account.
It looks so good on, it makes my lips look extra plump! So I need more. Preferably red. Cherry blood red. Omg, I need more!
I had no idea the quality of the MAC amazing.

This week is great, but I had a bit of an issue last night.
I woke up thinking. Its weird. I started cleaning the kitchen massively.
I think too much.
Then again..
I think I know why...

Beauty In Friends:
I have really cute friends. One of them is my girl Holly who just so happened to have these nude heels on at work. She sent me a pic and gasped in envy! LOL! I love them. Their not as high and I can't stand really really high shoes. The looked perfect. I hardly ever post her, so I thought, why not? She is so cute. Check out her outfit of the day and heels...

My Girl Holly:

Her body is always looking right, makes me wanna work out so bad but then I see Popeyes and I change my damn mine. But I loved her skirt with the white tank.
Here are her Nudes: To Die For.
Not to tall, mind you she's a tall girl herself, I think she is 5'10 or 5'11

Rose Dazzling:
Rose is obsessed with this new place online called Shoe Dazzle. The shoes are bad ass. I agree. She bought these really really nice shoes. They kinda look Christian Loubitons (however you spell it) even though they have a red back not pink. Beautiful fucking shoes!
Nice Box!
They look like your average stiletto but then you turn them over...
And Bam! If I was short I sure would steal these suckers from her ass. How hot are these!

Celebrity Candy Bags:
I been going on and on about shoes. I am more a bag fan. Maybe this Celeb Candy should be dedicated to more of the bags that celebs wear. I love bags! Soooo much! I usually get the unusual bags like Betsey J or something off key.

Elle Fanning:
Love her specs. And her old 70's look. I think she is gonna be the American Emma Watson very soon.

Kim K.
I posted this outfit of hers before but I never seen the bag! Im just seeing this beautiful thing right now, I'd die for that bag...

Megan Fox:
She looks so pretty in white, The bag she is wearing is bad ass as well, love the color so much...

Lauren C.
I normally think her outfit are so "alright", but her bag kinda made me do a u-turn...

These God Damn Kardashians:
As much as I hate them, and what they stand for. I like them at the same time. Does that make any sense. Kourtney, Khloe and even the one that makes me sick, Kim, always look fab day by day. Especially Kourtney K. like I always say. I can't fight it anymore. These bitches look good, every time...It kills me to say that...Uhh..
Kim...really? You knew I would love this dress...

Love the shoes...

Now this bitch kills it.
Red lips.
Yellow Jumper
Bad ass bag.....
I mean what else can I say, and need I mention the freaking shoes????? I bow to you Kourt!

Okay, so before I leave. I must say, if your a movie girl, you must watch this movie called Never Forever. The name sounds corny I know. But Its not. It is one of the most touching love stories I ever seen. It blew me away. And I fell in love with the concept given it was not your typical love story you find in romantic comedies or dramas. It even gave Twilight a run for its money, sorta. LOL!
Its on Netflix. I hope you guys have it. Its a beautiful story about this woman who is husband is infertile but wants kids, so she hires a man to have sex with her to get pregnant! Its not what you think and its so damn good!

It almost made me cry, and I smiled throughout the whole movie....
watch it..


  1. I LOVE THAT SHIRT!!! You look stunning in it!

  2. Girl I love the colors and prints in your shirt! THanks so much for stopping by my blog! You got yourself a new follower!

  3. Awww, I love how the flower falls right over the boobooski (is it weird that I've nicknamed your baby?)!! The flowers over the black and white look fantastic. Kims Chanel bag with that fringe though? REALLY!! Gottdamn, that bitch is bag. And I hate those heiffers too... but I like them all the same. They look too good to not like them. Kourt is definitely killing it. That's a really pretty picture of Rose, she's a sweetheart. I miss having a best girlfriend. =[

  4. Very cute shirt! Great choice. I'm like you, I try on soooo many things & only end up buying 1-2 pieces! How crazy right?? LOL

    You have a very sweet bestie. I wish mine would send me a goodie box! I'll have to send her a link to your post! LOL! hint hint


  5. Girl you look too fierce in that animal print top with the big floral accents!! I want!! Yes, Kourt can dress her a** off!! The girl is fly! Rose is super sweet. Can she be my bestie too! I only wear MAC lipstick...its the best!! Kiah

  6. You’re working that’s perfect for summer! I wanted to try the Mac Lady GaGa lipstick but it was always sold out at my Mac counter. I want to get hands on All my Purple Life lipglass but it’s sold out too online…Thanks for stopping by my blog and I appreciate the comment!

  7. your shirt is so freaking cute. That was so nice of Rose to send you a gift.

  8. you are so funny... love the top!


  9. You look good in that top!
    I want a Rose so she can send me all that stuff too! Hah, I know the gaga lisptick is old but I havent got one either, how do you like it?
    I seriously am obsessed with all the Kardashian's. I love everything they wear!! Kim's blue heels are lush!!!

  10. Your shirt looks great on you! I love anything ANIMAL PRINT! Also, I lOVE to HATE the Kardashians too!!!! So, I know eactly what you mean..

    Lastly, I will be getting that movie... I'm such a FLICK CHIC!!!! *Now following you*