Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Come On Take Your Overdose: Art Gallery

"Im in here, can anyone help.." -Sia
"I been waiting for, you to come rescue me.." -Sia
Mary's boobs squished on the machines...
Nice Wednesday. I have artist block again, but lately I been looking at this cool site getting inspo. Im stoked. Ohh, I got a parking ticket today. Figures. Wanna know something funny. I never been pulled over before but i get parking tickets all the fucking time. Thirty fucking dollars by the way. I forgot to pay for school parking. Opps..

Sucks because parking is already 35 dollars, and I have to pay the ticket as well...
I need to do taxes bad...

Enough with life...
Heres the first look of Gaga's new cd coming soon....

This is gonna be more of an artsy post. I hate the fact I don't draw as much as I use too. I use to draw every single day. Now I can't even push myself to finish a decent piece. I envy the people in galleries. Especially the ones I am better than. They just have hella more drive than I do.
Oh well..
Heres some old drawings

Me circa 2005

circa 2005
I think we all know what was on my mind...

Circa 2006

So here are some awesome art from this Tumblr site called Creative Silence. I love it so much and it motivates me so much. Heres some that I love already...

I love John

circa 2005 or 2006
me drawing back home in Maryland

My older art:
circa 2004
circa 2004
circa 2005
circa 2010
bella (I already posted this awhile ago, but hey)

I been on a big sundance movie kick and I love it.
Some was okay. Some were really good.
I saw The Rite and wanted to kill myself...
So these movies gave me some ease..
I love movies that are very normal. Very subtle. About everyday life...

Movie I Wasn't Feeling:
Kirsten Stewart was not believable int his for me. In Runaways I believed she was Joan Jett. In this movie her vagina his hanging out. She was cursing and yelling pussy through out the whole thing. Like, really, Kirsten your Bella fucking Swan, cut that shit out....

Deep Movie I Loved:
Rabbit Hole was touching. I loved it. It was sad but yet it was not. It was one of those movies were it made you laugh at the sensitive parts. It was about death and learning how to deal with it. The sad thing is you never really get over death and it explained that. Sad but very sweet and funny. Thats hard to do.
One of the most rememberable lines is when a there is a group session about death. Everyones talking about how they lost someone. This one couple goes on and explains how they are coping with there daughters death by saying "God needed another angel."
Nicole Kidman's character comes out and says "He's God! Why can't he just snap his fingers and make another angel, I mean, he is God, aint he?"


My Favorite Movie In A Long Time:
The Town was great. Not your average case of bank robbers but it has a wonderful love story intwined. Ben Affleck out does his self and becomes super sexy in this gritty boston film. I loved it. I believed every moment of it.
My favorite part of the film was when the girlfriend of Ben Aflfleck is pissed at him and refuses to talk to him based on his lack of honesty in the relationship. She storms passes him and he chases after her. He then begs her to listen to him. She says to him "How can I belive in anything your about to say, your a liar."
Then he states "You know how you can tell Im going to tell you the truth? Because all the questions your about to ask me, your gonna hate the answers...thats how you know, you can trust me..."

i wish...i love it..


  1. Your drawings are AMAZING!! I love them all!!

  2. Your drawing are great. Sorry to hear you got a parking ticket. I like the Town. It was a very differences movie but a good one.

  3. I actually kinda dislike Ben Affleck so I don't watch any of his movies except Dogma.

    Some of those pictures it was nice to see again. What happened to the Jack Skellington and Sally pic? Lol I still have that mermaid you drew for me at PG. We gotta have ourselves an art day one day. I miss that.

    Holla mama!

  4. I love the art. And especially the green and black nails! And the portraits. You should make a career out of it!
    And thank you so much for following!


  5. your art is amazing!