Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Tweek: Blog Award & What Fashion Wore...

I made the decision to say fuck it about the whole Mary thing. Whats the point of being mad? Is that age? I don’t know. I guess holding grudges is starting to seem a little old and highschool. I am still pretty pissed. Given the fact I wasted money, but Im starting to look at it differently. And who the fuck am I to be picky in California away from home? Hmm..

So screw it, more things to think about. I am thinking about my weekend which was a piece of shit besides the movie on friday. I felt like crap. Sucks to be me sometimes...

I really don’t know what to say without saying it too much. All I know is that Im about to 26 and I feel like I should be a tad bit ballsier... (have big balls)

I need sage sticks..

Something in my life has to go. Im too old for some of the shit that flies my way. Im getting kinda tired. I’ll figure my life out, but parts of it, I’ll never understand...

Moonlight Beach

My love dovie Jackie gave me an awesome award. Pretty stoked about it because this is my fourth blogger of style award..

She is one of the most amazing writers, I have no clue how she does it but she does. Her blog is

She is a writer, an artist and most of all a great friend

And of course, there are some rules. I have done this before but I will make this more interesting.

So here are the three peps that are getting this award:

The Notorious Zag

I just found her and I love her, please check her out! Omg, she makes me die a little..



I adore her, love her and her style is petite chic and I love it. Plus she has the best eye for bargains...


I just found her as well, and I found myself going through her blog non stop saying to myself "Where did she get that?!" You guys will!

This was so like, last last weekend, but I never got to show Rose (bff)'s look when we went out and how it was structured. She got this bad ass palette called coastal scents which is beautiful. The colors on her always works, thought I show her makeup bag and brushes...

Rose getting her smoke eye prepared...

a light pink before the smoked liner...

and Va Voom!!!

We have the finished touch..

So over the weekend beside ripping my hair out, I was watching E News. Fashion was popping last week and I did not get to say who style I loved. Runways were heavy and of course I don't like the boring designers...Here were my top two favs!

isaac mizrahi

jeremy scott

So Rihanna had the nerve to wear this top on Kanye's new video "All Of The Lights"...

oh yes

Im so ready fro a new album to come out, and I am certainly ready for Lazers from Lupe Fiasco. Im so stoked. I will listen to it over and over. It might even kill back my Kid Cudi kick! I have no clue, but Gaga is not coming out for a Lazers is my excitement right now.

Right now the song that relates to me is "Be Good To Me" by Sia...

I need a theme song everyday like my life is a musical...

pictures like this make me sad, because I will never have this moment, ever...

Thou Shall Not Touch Me Wave! from Tiamoya Mcneely on Vimeo.


  1. AWW Thank you for the award. The beach looks so pretty.

  2. Why does rihanna look like she just walked out of 5th element...
    "Lilu Dallas, multipass!"

  3. Rihanna is my girl! LOVE her!

    I live in Cali too. What part do you stay at? Thrifting takes alot of patience. haha. It doesn't always pay off, but when it does, it's awesome! =]

    xo Nicole

  4. awww thank you for nominating moi :) i have to say you do have some balls lol wow i wish i swear like this on my blog lol x