Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St. Valentines Baby: Grammys, Fashion & Love

Guess who came to dinner?

We had a ball. I enjoyed myself. Great weekend and went everywhere.
The weekend did not go as fast, she left monday. It was amazing spending time with her. I'll post more pics of us next post.

Valentines Day was yesterday. My surprise was a spa day, which was fucking awesome. I hate the spa. Well, never been to one, but now I have, I need to go back. I loved it. So relaxing. Everything was peaceful and tranquil. I fell asleep twice almost. It was running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I could not find the place at first and ended knocking on the back door...only me..

Here was the room
Me in my Spa towel!

shit for my facial and back...OOH YEA
I hate Valentines day but this one was great. I usually know what Greg does to surprise me but this time, I was surprised. He called me and said "You have an appointment at Palms Spa at 4:45.....bye....

Love him...
Video below...

Rose got back ON Valentines Day, and had a little treat of her own...

look at this fucking FOX! Sexy bitch...
Her boo Antoine got her balloons and chocolates. They went to P.F Changs but hated it. Sounds like a good date anyway...
Now if Rose would only dye her hair red....

So in my video I said I wouldn't really talk about the Grammys.
I lied.

Im not feeling this really. Its okay. Rih could have done better..you know?

Kelly O:
I wanna hang out with Kelly O for real...stunning...

Ummm....the perfect body, ever.

But this made me laugh so much! My god Michelle was the best Catwoman..

Back To Grammy & Award Show Fashion:
Kanye and Kid

i can't stand her..
Sex is probably so boring with this chick. She looks perfect so you know she stays on her back...she not riding shit..
just saying..

Haley at the Grammys

not at the awards but out and about on V Day, I posted it cuz the shoes were to die...

Lady Gaga & Willow with her muthafuckin Paws UP!!!!!!!!!

the infamous egg..

I love this so much...gosh...

she looks crazy and I love it..

I thought Nicki looked like a joke, but I still love her..she looked ridiculous...

Rihanna At The British Awards:


Oh, I talked to my mother today.
And I loved her.

This picture is very sexy to me. Im so gay for this chick its pretty scary. Guess I was born this way as well...
just saying...

Im still excited to see I Am Number Four this friday..
whoop whoop whoop!


  1. That was so nice of Greg to give your a spa day.


  2. really interesting post! I love how you talk about everything :)
    by the way i'm following you now hope you can follow me back :)


  3. I'm not gonna lie, you and Greg give me hope. I don't know any really happy couples like you guys. I only knew one really happy couple and then the husband died so my hope for love is a little...shaky.

  4. Rose looks hot in red. You are right. Where did she get her shirt from. Her hair should be red too. I love the fact your husband is so good to you, you give me hope as well.

  5. i almost died reading your take on kim kardashian.