Friday, February 11, 2011

Best Cheap & Expensive Makeup: Pixie Cutz & Jshore Thoughts

So last night I did a quick video of my top favorite cheap and expensive makeup. It was fun and easy and I did not have to post any pictures up because my webcam showed the real deal. You can check it out or just keep readying below at the rest ladies and lads...

So, this is a bit off subject. But I really want to sleep with the lead singer of Kings Of Leon. Caleb. I know, I know, my celebrity fantasies at this age will not cease. I have a huge imagination. Not because he is attractive, I would honestly give him a four, and not because he is in Kings Of Leon...but because he writes sexy ass music and he is a musician. You could be very unattractive to the world but if you play a guitar...Im all yours. Man he is hot. Who ever writes a song called "Sex On Fire" has me hooked. He would never date me though...his girlfriend is a Vicki Secret model.
Which pretty much means Im out his bracket. But Caleb, I would give you so many more grammy nods if you slept with me. Your albums would be sooo good because of my sweet good loving.
Tee Hee...
(fantasy over)
Back to reality...

Remember Ashlee Simpson????
Jessica Simpsons Sister
Well, girlfriend did the unthinkable in girl world.
She cut her hair off!
She is getting a divorce so that might be the reason. Some chicks cut their hair to say "fuck you" in their own terms...


You can not say that pixie cut does not look good!
So I watched Jersey Shore last night...
Can I be honest? Im not sure if anyone watches this show, but last night was very real and emotional. Watching someones relationship fall apart is a hard thing to watch especially when you watch the relationship come together. Pretty much, Sam and Ron from the Jersey Shore broke up last night pretty crazy. They kicked doors, screamed I HATE YOU, Ron threw out her fucking bed and called her all these names...
What most people don't understand is thats passion. And yes, honestly they do not need to be together right now. But unfortunately, they have one of those relationships were it will never truly end if they are around each other...hence why Sam, left the house.

When trust is broken, its a bitch. People made fun of Sam saying she is crazy and even Greg was looking at Sam like "What is her problem." But I always say, once trust is stepped on you gotta expect crazy. I felt bad for her. He called her a bitch, a slut, a whore..(he did not mean it but still) he even said he was gonna bring three bitches in the house and fuck them!
Dude...last night was crazy...

But I will say for all that think Sam is a psycho hoe, I feel she is not. She is just a girl who got hurt very very bad, and if Ron can't handle the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen. You did the dirt you fucking idiot, deal with it or get the fuck out the house. Sam ain't do shit to you...
Im pretty passionate about shit like this..
Girls always get the crazy stamp..
fuck dat

Grammys Sunday Night!
I listened to it and honestly, it might have to grow on me or she has to put out a video. I like it but its very Madonna "Express Yourself"/ "Vogue" era. Thats all I really hear. Great anthem for the LGBT community. I like it but, I don't know..I just feel like I heard the song before...Im still getting her album. I honestly just like hearing her voice more...

I want Thai food so bad but its not gonna be open till eleven..
Rosie Bear comes today!
Check Mama Monsters Song Below:


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  3. I don't like gaga new song. In some picture Ashley look cute with her haircut and some not so much.

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  5. Ashley looks so good with that new haircut!
    Great video
    Also, luck with Caleb, he'd be lucky to have you!

  6. your blog is so interesting, love it!

  7. wow! ashlee looks terrific with short hair! so cute like eddie sedgwick