Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shiny Gold Stripes & Bad Azz Socialites

Weekend sucked. Long weekend. Presidents day is over thank god.
A lot of thoughts have been going inside my head.
Greg and I had real talk about people, lives, friends, and future.
Funny the realizations we had...
some not as funny..

Heres todays outfit:
All Torrid:
except purse from The Closet

My favorite part of the black hoodie..the buttons..

Shiny leggings that look more like pants to me...
I love them, look great with flats..
Earrings courtesy of Rose P.

Hello Kitty Shoes!
I waited for these, wasn't no damn way I was paying thirty four dollars for these shoes..
They were officially thirty four dollars...
(yeah right boo..)

came in these...
came with this bag :)

So even though my weekend sucked major balls, I did have an amazing breakfast with Greggers. We went to this amazing place called Felix and ate some good southern food. So good! The bacon was crispy, the eggs were perfect, and the grits were..well..like grits.
use at Felix

Greg is my fucking rock I swear to God. He gets on my nerves and we are so different that its hard to understand one another, but he fucking gets me. FUCK! THANK HEAVON FOR HIM! He keeps me sane!!! He is my psychologist all the time. I admire his personality. So relaxed. When your with someone for so long, all day everyday, they learn you. He knows me so well. I tell him all my thoughts, issues, things I couldn't tell just anyone and he gets it. He wiped away so many tears, and sat next to me when most looked away and treated me like crap. Instead of walking over me, he walks beside me and helps...a true husband, better yet
a true friend..

My Favorite Skinny Minnys:

A. Simpson
Im going to say it. I love when any girl chop off there hair. I love it. I love it. I love it. Especially white girls for some reason. Something about a pixie blonde drives me happy!
Its so stylish..

A. Simmons
Need I say more...ughh..swag all day..

T. Momsen
Have you seen The Grinch? The little girl in the movie was Taylor Momsen. She was so cute and lovable. And now shes hell on wheels and I love it...
All hail Momsen...I love her!

Love them...
I need some new music. Im dying here. I ready for Lupe.

Im ready for Gaga but she is pushing the album make so much. Trust me Gaga its perfect. I am going crazy over here. I need something!
(John Mayer orgasming while playing the guitar..)
ooh yea..


  1. Are those Hello Kitty shoe the fold up kind. I love your bow shirt. Also you food looks yummy.

    P.s Born again is starting to grow on me.


  2. Your pictures are lovely! I love that shirt with the bow. it's just adorable. and OH EM GEEE!!! HK shoes?!?! Where did you get those darlings?! are they as comfy as they look?

  3. I love that bow shirt and Hello Kitty shoes! So cute! I'm excited for Lady Gaga's album too, seems like it's taking forever.


    Hello Kitty shoes yeaaaah???
    Their sooo nicee mannnn ahaha, your looking lovely :D

    President day? Is that some sort of day where you like celebrate Mr Obama lol?

    This is like some random guess by the way haaaa xxxx

  5. i fucking looooooove hello kitty! sassy outfit ;)

    thanks sooo much for your comments on my blog, hunniebunnie!


  6. omg are you serious???
    celebrating all the presidents you've had?
    wow - sounds... interesting loooooool!
    But yeah day off must be cool I suppose lol
    I sooo didn't realise that Taylor was that chick in the Grinch she was soooooo cute - now she's like a proper rock chick ahahhaa

    it's weird how much we change when we grow up :/ xxxx

  7. woooooo Ms am loving the top am such a BOW girl hahah love the hello Kitty shoe :0 and you look lovely mwua x