Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stay Weird: 4.99 Shirtz & Artsy Workz

Well, we all know Torrid is very pricey when it comes to clothes. So when I saw they had a 4.99 sale, I kinda pissed myself. I drove up there, fast, just to see what they had on that rack. Some stuff was very average, and some were okay. Mainly tanks tops and cardigans. But they did have this flowing shirt that had a very Moroccan design on it. I was feeling it. Especially for 4.99. So here it is. It has corset buttons so you know I had to snatch it up quickly. It looks almost like it could be a dress which I love.
More for length for leggings!
These days its pretty cool in California. I won't be wearing this for the weekend.
So during the week after school and paper writing, Im was here in Petite Madeline.
Its french desserts. They also had breakfast which was super yum. I got the spinach roll with cheese and egg....
I love places like this...

yeah, I ate it...
The cake below was called a german chocolate cheesecake...

Ohh, but don't think Im too much of an unhealthy lady.
I been on a salad kick all week. Mainly Caesar salad, but in this picture I made Italian...
Weird craving but not a bad one.
Rose (bestie with a testie) has been wanting caesar salad as well!

Been drawing lately:
this is soooo my brain...
Lately every time I draw, it gets way too personal. I can't fully express myself.
I know why..
But I seem to stop when I get too deep...

I found and saw such nice artsy fashion this week and made sure I showed these pictures. Im a huge art person but I love it the most when I see clothes that remind me of art or music.
Check out the creative bliss:
if I had balls like Beth..
I would be perfect.

I want these, or something like them...

Love hot neon or bright colored blazers...
nuff said..

I would wear this to Target like a dummy..

can i get a blazer with collars like this???

Of course how can we forget about fresh shoes....

ughh they look like paper! Gimmie!

Speaking of WTF..
WTF AMBER! Poor Kanye and his blame game...
yeezy taught who?
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Getting a new book this weekend:
The book I bought before called Wench became kinda...whats the word, not believable.
This one sounds more up my alley...
we shall see
I swear I have one night stands with books all the time...

Just so you know, I saw two grand movies! I love sundance/indie/strange/ movies and these were pretty awesome. Mother and Child made me cry. It was an amazing film!
I loved it. Best movie I seen in awhile...
This movie was really good as well. I told Rose to watch it but I doubt she will. Its very moving and has a great ending. I loved it!
Check it out if you need something on your list for Netflix...
Im on a Radiohead kick....
Im all about the song Karma Police.
Someone else wrote this quote which explains my love for the song. I believe in Karma so much. Especially since I practice meditation. Be good to people...
Cuz Karmas a bitch...

“Karma Police, arrest this _______”. Thom is asking the, “Karma Police” to arrest these people that bring trouble in his life. He is sick of all of these people and wants them all to go away, so he thinks that one day the karma will get them back for the burdens they caused in his life."

Perfectly said..

oh..quick vid..nothing special...just wanted to share..
Ready when you are Mama Monster...


  1. AWESOME FIND. Your drawing are so great.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. That top is so lovely, what a great bargain!
    Also agree, your drawings are fantastic! You're wonderfully talented, it's nice that they're personal too, I think it shows when there's meaning in something you draw

  3. Petite Madeline looks like my kind of place! What do you think of Chris Brown's new hair?! x

  4. I don't think you should stop drawing when your art get's deep. I think you should let it go. You never know you might find you feel better about a lot of things if you let your feelings draw the picture instead of your mind.