Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Legend Of Badz Maru: Sanrio Style

Rose and I have been going hard lately. Last night she stopped by around six p.m. Randomly we decide to go to the mall and we (she) drove all the way to Annapolis, which is freaking far. We had a blast. Sales were not great. I mean, a good sale to me is 50% off everything. Not 40% or buy 3 get one free. I like when all clearance is 50% off more. Thats a sale. But there was none of that at all. Hot Topics band tees were awesome! I wish it was 50% extra off clearance, because then I would have paid 5 dollars for shirts and would not have put back my Lady Gaga tee. I paid 10 dollars for each shirt. Rose thought that would be too much. I couldn't bare it, I had to get it, so I swiped...
I felt bad because I told myself I would not swipe with the card while I was here unless it was a gift. Figures. I lost control. But either way, Hot Topic was banging! I had hella shirts in my hand. Hopefully they have a 50% off clearance sale after christmas. I'll surely be back.

The tee shirt is Badz Maru. One of the Hello Kitty friends. He is the asshole of the bunch. I use to collect him as well as Hello Kitty back in the day. They even had the frog, forgot his name. I would have gotten that as well. Shirt was 10 dollars (Like I said)

I also got a Rihanna shirt because, well....I love her.

Vicki's Secrets sale was nice, got some sprays

The hubbie bought me this one.
Love it!

Owl earrings thanks to Rose:

Bella, my moms dog

Celeb Candy:
In case you were wondering why I post celebs and alot of the same people, its because I like their fashion. If someone I admire is wearing something smashing this week, I'll post it. This part of my posts shows weekly fashions I'll never afford.

Kim K:
How fake am I? Ha! Love her outfit, can not lie.

Nicki Minaj:
you already know...

Emma Watson:
She really made a Uturn didn't she? Harry Potter to Fashionista...

Rih Rih to be rumored at the set of Kanyes "All of the Lights".
Love her.

We'll Christmas is saturday. Merry Christmas to you guys!
Jammed To Today:
1.) Man Down Rihanna
2.) Don't Make Me Wait by Jazmine Sullivan
3.) Love You Long Time by Jazmine Sullivan

I need to get Duffys cd! SHIT! Bout to get it....forgot about her! If you like Amy Winehouse, you might like Duffy.


  1. I LOVE LOVE your purse.


  2. so cute! I have the Girls Nite spray and body wash too. I keep the spray in my car just in case

  3. The frog's name is Keroppi... He was my favorite, but then I like green.