Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pain & No Pleasure...Ouch Ouch Ouch....

Wow. What a weekend.
Im surprised Im even typing. I have been m.i.a for a while! Even in my personal life. Im trying to return to Maryland for Christmas. At the same time, Finals are going on. Greg has duty here and there and this weekend my tooth flared up so bad that I went to the...hold on *drum roll* the E.R.! Yay!

Yeah, I went to the E.R for a dental problem. My dentist was closed! And the pain was unbearable. I think that was what child birth feels like. I get the tooth ripped out tuesday. Officially. Thank god. My mouth offically calmed down when I woke up this sunday morning. My dreams were soooo weird! I was dreaming of shit that was in my subconscious and I thought it so odd. I dreamt of shit I dreamt about when I was little! No bullshit! I would wake up every 2 hours! And then, go back to the same dream..over and over! So strange!

So my tooth died down, finally. Im on hella meds, Im always drugged up. My mom called me asking were the fuck I have been and I had to be honest and tell her I was "in pain". What a weekend. Im glad its ending softly. So those for you who hate me and still read this, my weekend was filed with child birth from the face..:)

There something bout Marines.....*oooh shit*
This is why my rent is TOO DAMN HIGH! Lol! This is my street..
My mami's
My Mary Berry, I really got attached to this one...
I gotta help them with their art final tomorrow, DAMN! Almost forgot...

So before I died from severe mouth ripping, my girl DV showed me the picture of Nicki Minaj in Betsey Johnson on my Facebook. She knows I adore her!
And B Johnson. I have about 2 purses from her, actually 3!
No, I take that back because I traded in my Betsey for a Juicy Couture...

Heres more rad shit from Betsy:

Oh Rih Rih...

I do..

So, Black Swan came to San Diego. Never saw it because my face fell off.
I still plan on seeing before I head out from California.
Looks so good.

My boyfriend and his daughter:

Angelina Jolie:

Nicki @ her B day:
Fuck Cassie, I want those two...
Amber Amber Amber.....

I TRIED to dye my hair like Lea from Bad Girls Club and it never turned blonde.
But my hair is jet black in the front so I look emo. But the side are sandy brown, kinda ew!
I didn't want bleach blonde but at least some yellow...
I'll try again later..

just eye candy...

Miley Smoking A bong!
I know everybody saw this footage by now.
Not gonna lie, makes me wanna smoke Salvia. But I don't know how to smoke first off. And second, Im paranoid and see visions on a daily bases, so....
it might make me jump off my balcony or some shit...

A Thousand Suns!

The new album has been out but it was so damn good. I was kinda skeptical about it but now that I have listened to the whole album, I love it. The whole thing!
I love there new single.
Top Music I Listened To While Dying Over The Weekend:
1.) Waiting For The End by Linkin Park
2.)When They Come For Me by Linkin Park
3.) Robot Boy by Linkin Park
Basically, Im rocking the album...

My face is starting to throb...gotta go! And start working, packing, and less slacking..

Check out this video:
If you have my sense of humor, you'll laugh!

Love you 'Ye...


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I have teeth problems. I hope you will be able to see Black Swan.

  2. glad your feeling better, I would never wish tooth pain on ANYONE. I remember I went in to get a temp crown put in and I thought I was going to die from the pain. I will never survive child birth...LOL!!

    I tried to dye my hair this weekend and it did not take like I wanted, so I had to get creative and bought this spray on stuff to test the color out...loved it!

  3. It's a shame how much I love the randomness of your blog. You went from tooth issues to Nicki Minaj. LoL.

    Good luck with the tooth being snatched out... I hate the dentist!

  4. gosh!I love the randomness of this post!

  5. Loooving your necklace! It looks like teeth/fangs? Haha ironic! At least the oral childbirth is ending now!
    The street you live on looks amazing, like part of a typical American movie!
    Have you seen the video of Rihanna performing on X Factor with Matt Cardle? She looks like she's about to eat him alive but still AMAZING - neverending legs x

  6. Love the first dresses- gorgeous! And Puck from glee (melt!!!). Your street view- it's like something out of a magazine!!