Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter In Diego: Do It Yourself

I always heard if you want something done, do it yourself.
I always wanted a blazer with shoulder embellishments but never could find one my size.
So, I was looking in my closet, and found one of my shirts that had the shoulder embellishments and realized that it was a pin-on.
So, I took it off and put it on my blazer...

So it was cheaper and free!
Thats one thing about Torrid's clothes, you can take off the necklaces pinned to shirts and blazers and use it on something else.
I'll explain more of this outfit in a bit.
School is finally ending. I can't believe it. It went so fast. Next semester Mary berry and I are suppose to be taking all our classes together. We shall see. I have a huge week coming up. I think for spring Im gonna take a more advance art class. Because honestly this art class was some shit. Honestly...

Mary with her her culture, eating without a lemon is a sin....
Loves it...

No enough about school...
(screw it)

Shirt: Torrid
Leggings: Cavalli from Torrid
Blazer: Torrid
Boots: H&M
Bag: Up Against The Wall

Life sucks right now because Tumblr is not working...
I love Tumblr.

So, Nicki is filming Monster right now from Kanyes Album!
My favorite song!!!!
Her album is slowwwly growing on me...
I can tell this video is gonna make my life...

Eclipse came out on saturday.
Surprisingly, I watched it once.
Im still team Edward, he is so sexy...yum!
I might bring the movie to Maryland when I get down there, but I feel no ones gonna wanna watch it.
So, screw it...

I was looking at the Khole Kardashians site, my favorite Kardashian...
and i saw this picture of her little sister Kendel, and wow..
she grew tall as hell!

Gaga is apart of this campaign where you don't use your Twitter until you reach a million dollars for some charity. Apparently, the campaign haven't even reached 500 thousand yet...and already one celeb copped out...
I swear facebook and twitter will now be in the same category alcoholism..
Usher fucked up and got back on his twitter...
what a dummy..
but my girl Gaga stayed true..

Well, Its monday. I have everything recored, so today will be fun. I recored Housewives of Atlanta, I recorded Kendra, and I recorded Salute The Troops with Nicki Minaj and Paramore...I have to see that! What else did I record? Thats it. I watched Walking Dead last night with Greg. Greg and I camped out in front of the tv and went to sleep. We camped out, and I loved it. I had a melt down last night, again..he builded me back up...again. I don't deserve him. I don't. He takes care of me, so well.
Im such a spazz.
He so has it together...

Once again, I love you Greg...

Music That Related To Me This Month:
1.)Romans Revenge by Nicki Minaj
Because I honestly think I have split personalities...

2.) What I Got by Sublime
About not giving a fuck, and wishing I felt this way...

3.) Im The Best by Nicki Minaj
"What the fuck they gonna say?" Nuff said....

4.) King of The World by Porcelain and the Tramps
related to me because Im spoiled and want things my way...ha!

5.) Runaway by Kanye West
reminds me of Greg and I, both of us...word for word...its are relationship when it sucks..Kanye nails it...but we never leave..we are kinda obsessed with each other..wink wink

Whats your song right now? Seriously?


  1. I'm Team Eward All the way too.

  2. Love what you did with the blazer. I'm always like "ooh I could do this with this and sew that onto that" but I never get around to doing it! Our school breaks up for Christmas this Friday and I CANNOT wait. Just going to sit around and feel the Christmasness haha.
    Can't wait for the Monster video! Love that song and Blame Game. Think my song at the moment is Ellie Goulding's cover of Your Song - it's Christmas time and I'm going to spend it alone! Boo hoo!! I know, I'm only 17 haha x

  3. I don't have a favorite song right now, but I stop in my tracks when the Deftones, Eminem, or Jazmine Sullivan are on my Television.

    It's nice you guys have each other like you do. You and Greg just really fit. What did you think of the Pinup site?

  4. It's really cool what you did with this blazer!

  5. Hi!
    Thank you for following my blog!!
    I really luv what you've done with your blazer.I got the chance to buy one in my size!
    My song of the moment: You Are The Only Exception from Paramore.

    Ps: I'm definitely on Team Jacob!!!

  6. thanks for the comments on my blog it was really sweet of you :)

    and you look lovely on your outfit posts here. and you like robert pattinson?! god i think i love you even a little bit more now hahah ;)