Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Vacay: All Love

Vacay is coming to an end. Its a week left. I enjoyed it.

Some if it was weird and funny. Some enjoyable and full of laughter...
I can't believe its already over.
Well not totally over..
one week yet?
I feel like shit because I saw Britney once. I told her we would have so much fun (maybe I was dramatic) but I really thought I would see her close to ever day. Never happened. I worry so much. Im so weird. I really can not stand my hyper-effective emotions. I wish my brain would stop churning so much butter. Oh well, I guess its because we are tryna see family so much. Its hard to visit friends.

So my hair was getting flatter and flatter as the days went by. So I redid my hair and got some amazing results! I braided my hair all over and waited two days to take it out...
Lately I have been on this....Morbid trip. No I take that back. I am a morbid person. I research crimes and dumb shit I don't wanna know about and I make myself down. So, all of a sudden I wanted to research 9/11. Don't ask why. I just research shit that goes wrong randomly. Its so weird because I hate the fact I do this, because if I read something "too sad" I get depressed all day and then read some more. So any who, I researched about Flight 93, the Flight that fought back. It was so sad. I researched it and learned about this guy named Todd Beamer. He was the mutherfuckin man! He died, but he was a hero. And his last words before the crash was "Alright you guys, Lets roll". And pretty much tried to beat the people who hijacked the plane on 9/11. That story made me so sad, and I kept reading it...
What the hell is wrong with me ?
What the fuck?

So there is this yummy ass cake place called Gerard's.
Strawberry Shortcake!

Just one of my favorite blogger who is stylish as fuck.
from Karlas Closet:

She look...epic.

The Look:
Fashion Look Book

Celebz That Rock:

Old but, beautiful..
Kat Von D:
Something wrong with Kat man...somethings just not...there...


I will be buying this, immediately

Angela Simmons:
again..old..but amazing


Love her...

I love the way they stare at each-other...
Ready when you are bitch...

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  1. Your hair looks AWESOME.