Friday, December 3, 2010

The Black Swan: Life, Love, & Fashionz

Eclipse comes out tomorrow.
About time!
I will be there tomorrow as soon as Walmart opens.
I am not gonna lie, I wish they wouldn't space out the movies so much. I kinda forgot what happened in the movie. I guess thats a good way to make more money, release it around Christmas time. Finally, its coming out on dvd. Im pumped to see it and pumped to finally own it. So tomorrow I will be getting that as soon as possible.

Today was a normal day.
To be honest, I just want to sleep all weekend.
I wish it would rain and stay cloudy all day, but I live in sunny california. Which means its slim to none.

I was reading Perez Hilton today, I stumbled upon a picture of Shiloh. Angie and Brads child. I thought I would post all the perfect that is her. She looks too perfect. I thought this picture was very cute and fashionable.

The Editorial

Kerry Washington

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Masculine look

Cream Belles


renaissance woman


Im getting tired. Im yawing. I find my eyes opening and shutting. I want to draw but Im so over it. I want to play The Sims but its bugged. I would watch a movie but the movie I wanted to see is not playing over here (Black Swan). I feel anxious. Off. And very irritated. Christ. Yeah, that means its bedtime. What to do this weekend. I mainly just want to enjoy life and relax.

I wanted to see this movie called The Black Swan tonight. Unfortunately its not playing around here. I always seem to pick the indie movies that I can never get a hold off. That gets old after a while. So pretty much, Im going to have to wait until they release it to more theaters or just wait for the dvd.
The trailer is crazy!


  1. am loving the editorial pics, thats a hot selection, well i saw the trailer of the black swan and i cant wait to see it either! The second pic of Katy is so hot!

  2. I like your red lipstick, a lot. And Kerry and Katy Perry are doing their thing!

  3. You look great.