Saturday, December 18, 2010

Home: Is a Feeling I Buried In You 2

Been awhile right? I found myself wanting to blog everyday but being swarmed with family and friends, I have not got the chance too. Im on my old bed, watching True Life on MTV, and typing on my bed. Good to be home right? Well, its cool. I think some things are naturally better at a distance. Sometimes I forget why I made the to choice to up and leave. Most people think that it would be really hard to move away from a town you known all your life. To be honest, it was a little easy. I kinda like not knowing the next destination. I tell my family I hope to be stationed closer, but at the same time if we have to move somewhere further like Hawaii, Washington or even stay in California, Im fine with that.

But while here, I GOT AN IPAD!

I love it and yes, Im a Mac geek!
Whoo hoo!

Home is beautiful. My mom themed the whole house Christmas. I loved it. She even put a little Christmas tree in my room.
Mom parents redid the bathroom in the hallway, it was so pretty I thought I would post it
Very hotel-like.

Here is the living room, no tree yet...
Outside my house, about a weather shock to the body...

So, Jersey Shore is coming back on. Yeah! I fell hard for this show. Sad but true. I use to hate it and then I watched the marathon one day and loved it. Thats what bored days in the house will do, make you watch things you won't normally watch.
I found this picture of Jwow, Snookie, and Sam...
best the EVER looked...
Sam looks epic.

I have listened to Nicki Minaj's album a million times. I can not get into it at all. Does anyone else feel the same? Its not bad! Don't get me wrong, but its not Amazing! Do you know what I mean? Romans Revenge is the best song (too me) on the album. Maybe she raps better with someone else on the track with her? I just expected so much better. I like her better on everyone else's songs! It seems like she goes harder on tracks to prove herself. But when it comes to her on, its Don't get me wrong, I love her and will continue to support her. I do like track one on her album...
*side eye*
Heres the thing, she talks about insecurities and also talks about being the best. Her cockiness raids the tracks yet her self doubt takes over as well. Thats fine. But I feel she a little bit everywhere. I feel shes trying to be what everyone wants, when she should just be Nick. I also think that her attack on Lil Kim was a huge mistake. Lil Kim is crazy and strange and now your putting money in her pocket. I love Romans Revenge. But she should have remained silent, because now people are calling Lil Kim to talk about Nicki Minaj....Nicki is putting money in Lil Kims pocket now! See...

Teyana Taylor:
First Black Socialite..because I know this chick does not have a career...
google my ass..
Shes a monster, love her...
Tay Swift:
she looks so different to me, alot older...
she is beautiful..


So my soon to be brother in law told me to check out Wiz Khalifa. Him and I love the same music and tend to like a lot of different music. We both love Kid Cudi alot! So when he told me to check out this guy, I was open to it.
Soon I'll let you guys know if I know if Wiz is worth the listen...


  1. Glad you are having a good time back at home. Congrats on the Ipad.

  2. The iPad is beautiful; happy for you!
    Really love the fireplace in the living room. It looks so festive, even without a tree.
    I like Nicki Minaj's album! I don't know why I downloaded it but I seriously think reading your blog has influenced me to?! I really like "Your Love" x

  3. I actually kinda like Wiz. He's pretty cool. His name caught my attention first, (I used to be militant like my father.)

  4. wow i have seen alot of poeple before but jwoww and snookie are so damn fine i cant helpp but to look at them 24-7