Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tooth Pain & Airplanez: The Homecoming

Im done packing. Well, almost. At the end of this post, theres a video. I kinda break down the week so far. Man Im glad this week is near the middle. So the root canal went horrible. Well, Im being dramatic, but pretty much there not done. They gave me some drugs so I should be good. I worry so much you guys, I really can not stand that about myself.
I did my art final today. I have to say Im gonna miss those people in class. Mary and I will be taking more classes next semester. I really found a great friend. I really adore her.

My mouth kinda hurts still. Im hoping the worst part is over.

I ate pizza (thanks to Rose) and it didn't hurt eating. I just need to chill. I hate my brain sometimes. Its my worst enemy.

You like the new hair! I got lots of compliments on the style. I tried to do a mini Janelle Monae look. I love it. But Im sure I will not get it to look this good again.

So here is my teeth! The white part is the filling from previous cavities. The bigger one on the right is the tooth that got fucked. Basically, I got a cavity over a cavity. Man it sucked getting poked and drilled. Honestly, it made me hate the dentist more. But you got to do what you got to do.
I think my skull looks pretty sexy...

So Im guessing Glee is a repeat. Greg has duty all this week. Im on the couch now chilling. I noticed my meds look like I have a problem. I have oxy and vicodone (Don't know how to spell it) hanging around everywhere. Im nervous about traveling as always. I really need to learn how to stop panicking so damn much...

Greg got his rocks off today!
His favorite movie EVER (his version of Twilight) The Fast and Furious trailer came out today. Homeboy almost passed out and was jumping around when he saw his "Charger" in the movie. What a dork..I love it!
By the way, Vin Diesel.....my my my....

Oh! As for this picture, I just think Miss Piggy has swag...
shes thick, hot and has been keeping Kermit satisfied for over 50 years..
Thats a bad bitch...

My girl Nick was on Chealsea Handler the other night, good interview..check it out:

AND WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS! I thought Chelsea and 50 was bullshitting about being together!
Im all for interracial relationship, I mean, you see my post about Rob Pattinson all the time..
but 50...
She looks happy though :)

You think Rih has a thing for Nick?
Wacky & Tastefully Tacky!
I thought since I had not photos of clothes up because of my busy schedule I thought I'd put my favorite wacky tacky style icon on here to look at. Katy Perry is my new fav eye candy. She wears strange things I could actually see myself wearing. Gaga wears weird shit too but...Gaga is the ONLY chick that can pull that off, lets be honest...

So I saw this on Tumblr!
So cool!
What is your favorite Rihaana Red hair look?
Mine would have to be 2, 15 and 3
Rih Rih looks the best with short hair..
And to Jade! My fellow blogger! I did see Rihanna perform and yes her legs are divine!

So in the music world:
Diddy Dirty Money came out but, I feel its a big chomp off of Kanyes wagon. I feel hes tryna do the whole 808s and Heartbreaks thing that Kanye did. Anyone hear it yet? Plus I think hes a prick. A cocky prick. But I started liking him more after watching the movie Get Him To The Greek" which was super funny. Lately every album I think will suck..becomes freaking awesome..
For example, Kid Cudi's album I HATED! Now, I rock it more then Nicki and Kanye...
I have a feeling Dirty Money will be the same way...
I saw a great documentary on Kings Of Leon. Music Docs are the greatest especially when you learn how and why a song was written. I don't think the lead singer is hot by any chance, but the fact he can write a song like "Sex On Fire'...gets me hot just thinking about it...
Check out the video below if You want some updates about teeth and Maryland:
Love you guys alot, your my other family...
"Im coming home again..." - Kanye West - Homecoming


  1. I hope your teeth feel better soon. your hair looks great.


  2. i so understand about the root canal... i had a cavity on top of a cavity too..if it wasnt for the gas they gave me i dont know what i would have done with myself. I hope you feel better!

  3. i love katy perry! =)