Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Baby! yES, iT fitz!

"I tried to go to Vintage Rehab, but my brain said fuck no!"I've always had a love for vintage. Its old and stylish and original, and the sequences are to die for. I live in California, but I prefer my home towns thrift stores back in Maryland. I have to admit there is a size barrier. So today I might go to this amazing vintage store in Encinitas called Flashbacks. They have theses shoes that are so cool, but i doubt I'd even were them. my body shape doesn't seem like it would work. But I will see.
I saw this hawt ass ride in front of the Barnes and Noble around my way. AMAZING. Its good to have a camera everywhere! lol!
and how bad ass are these....???
damn...i wish...at the vintage sanctuary for 30 dollaz

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