Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Day, New Start, New Pants

Im up at 6 in the morning. I have so much to get done. Im just realizing that soon in two weeks I'll be back in Maryland. There is lots to do. I'm trying my hardest not to make this a personal blog but it kind of is. If Im sharing my experience with clothes and arty, that equals me. My birthday is coming up and I will be home for that day. I wish Greg could be there with me to celebrate (my husband), but he wont. He is getting deployed. This will be one of the most diffucult things I have to go threw. But this will past and I will be okay. As long as I have friendships at home who will be there for me.
Augh, so anyway, I saw this picture of the incredible Rhianna and had to post it.
Okay, these pants are a funny story (the pants bellow). I've been looking at these pants forever and ever on the website Torrid. I go to Torrid yesterday and what do you know, I buy them and try them on (when I got home) and the looked horrible. I did get a size 4 which is 4x big girl size. I know Im not that big but I love comfortability. The pants did not fit like that in the picture, it looked a mess! And people ask why I dont do online shopping, that very reason....!! I woulda paid 28 dollars for those leggings just to have to send them back.....
This Hello Kitty craze of mine just wont go away. I've been rocking this kitty since junior high. Im now 24...look at that necklace! Im so ga ga for that!

My mom says I should let the kitty go, but I think not, how cute are these items....*sigh*

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