Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kat Von Damn She Has Style!

Kat Von D is an amazing artist and an amazing punk rocking dresser to me. That two strikes in my book that makes you a cool person. Her body is a work of art and she incorporates her clothes around that. I think I have a girl crush on her that just wont go away.She has a crave of the leggings herself. She seems to rip up everything and wears and she was quoted saying she loves to be naked and tries to dress close to naked as much as possible... (hmmm?)

i went to her book signing in San Diego a few months back. Her book is truly good, if you like tattoos and art of course. She ws super sweet and nice, and in person to me she looked like a cartoon joke. It went so fast that I forgot how and what she said to me. Even there at the signing she had these wicked pants on and these knee high stripper boots...amazing...

I also visited her shop. Of course she wasn't there but that cool as least I got to see her once.

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