Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pause......Letter To Mrs. Mcneely

Wow. Its like 9:00 here or maybe 8:00. Im so unsure but does it really matter. I want to write this letter fro Tiamoya Mcneely. Yes, Im putting her on blast. I want her to understand this and this only. Its not a mood. Im quite together. Alright, Tia. Lets understand one thing before we start. There is nothing back there. Im sure your reading this for clarity because you are sad of you mother antics and annoyed with the fact your husband is gone. Understandable. But please remember the facts.
1. You have no friends. Zero. Zip. None. Here you do. I looked to others and got nothing. Not even a response. You clung to your husband with such sadness it was almost close to being pathedic. Everyone started a life except for you. So wishing to come home is a dumb idea. This is coming from your own self. Mom is being a bitch. Great. At least she cares about every action that is you. You actually have drama. Not a wall in your face. Not days on in staring at the television...and it still being 12:22.
You sit. Its a tuesday and there is about 4 days left until you leave and not see your husband for 7-8 months. Your husband is playing video games :). You miss that I see! (dummy...) And you get up and say to him im going to start packing, and he sits and keeps playing his game.......enough said.....
Stop crying. This is your life. mAKE THE mOST OF IT.


Hoe depressing. No money, no food, no entertainment....how bout pause your game. Your wife is leaving for 8 months..........pause it.

It will be there...and I wont

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