Friday, September 4, 2009

Tia's Spotlight Time: Updates

So I goth the bag from Target and the purple shoes. How bad ass is that purse. I love it, the purple shoes kind of hurt my feet but...whatever...Target rocks.....So yesterday I didnt blog. Why? Because, once again Im falling into that basket where Im not doing this blog for myself. I know Im not a big writer, and also...*sigh* Ima try and be positive right now then negative....try...
I keep taking pictures for the Chic web site and when I look at my pics they never seem good enough or I feel "insecure". Or maybe its all the stress right now with going back to maryland and not being able to see Greg for months...or is it both. Wanting something to take off because I want be hugely busy.....or all the above.
So yesterday on my, "none blogging spree", I submitted to Gabi, the lady with the amazing site Young Fat and Fabulous....I hope I make the YFF chick of the moment. maybe not...but doesnt hurt to try.

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