Monday, April 16, 2012

The Reign Of Coachella 2012: Boho Fashion Here & Beyond

So of course, every blog is talking about Coachella today. Add me to the list. I love music and fashion and that just so happens to be Coachella. I watched some of Coachella this weekend online. Man the concerts looked fun. I was that teenager who stayed out the dance clubs and was more likely in a concert somewhere in Washington D.C or Baltimore. A certain beautiful friend named Adaora could contest to that. I loved rock and roll. I never drank there neither did I smoke. I got high off the beer fumes and loud amps...and that was it...
Man those were the days. After having a baby, everyone says your club and party days are over. The club for me was getting kicked in the face by crowd surfers and getting beer and jack spilt all over my purple converse that had bands Sharpied on the side. Those days are certainly over. And I lived a great rock and roll concert w did I ever. After seeing Lady Gaga and your favorite feel okay to hang up your belt. Who knows. Maybe I'll take my little one to her first concert. She will probley be a huge hip hop head and look at me like I am crazy. Ha! The wonders of parent-hood. She is sooo not gonna be a wild-child. Cause bubbly-happy personalities like me would allow her to go crazy at concerts. So she will be more likely conservative if anything.

So anyway. Coachella is known for the fashion and the hippie-boho style. I thought in ode to Coachella this would be my look for the day! Boho style!

I bought this shirt/blouse because number one: Its floral..
Number two: Its very kimono inspired...
Number three...its oversized and you can wear it with freaking anything, and it will look hot!
I got this from Target on sale for 15 dollars...Yeah kinda steep but better than 24 dollars!

The belt was an option. I actually wanted to find my feather belt but of course junky little me can not find it. Im so not organized at all. Damn shame. I don't need the belt but I actually liked it all on. It worked, so it stayed.

Here is the look without the belt. I was not sure which way to wear it. I love it both way. I will maybe wear this open if I was wearing jeans and not leggings.

Here she is on the hanger. You can wear anything with this shirt. You feel like you can not given the fact its all floral but I am all about mixing prints. I love it. Probably my new favorite thing in my closet. Hands down...It feels so light and airy.

Im going to be honest and say this weekend sucked. It just did. It did not even ran and I had the headache from hell as well. But It gave me time to read my books. Man did my head feel like crap. In other news my moms birthday passed. She had a good birthday from what I hear. I already celebrated with her when she was here by buying her a little cake. She claimed she couldn't eat it because she was watching her calories....
The cake was gone by the end of the night...
I gotta watch Game Of Thrones later on today, I have so much to catch up on show wise. Also this weekend, I found myself listening to Odd Future music and checking out new sounds from the Coachella concert.

All Haul The Queen
~The BFF Bargin Hunter~
Where did I begin about Rose. You guys, this chick has been through it all this month. Her hubby came last week, she is in the middle of moving, she got her wisdom teeth took out as well, ALL Four! And she is still standing here today, shopping! Ha! You gotta love Rose. Not only is she dealing with a swollen mouth with stitches, she still manages to deal with all that and more, plus school! I bow to her, she is a trooper. But this woman does not let a deal run by her no matter what...and man did she make out like a bandit this weekend!

(Check her hot outfit! Love the shoes she paired with it)

Mind you, Rose, the BFF is still in Maryland. So of course, she went shopping with her other homies. Ugh. Jealousy runs through my veins. I have not shopped nor hung out with Rose since Christmas. But I shall be patient. She went to Pentagon City this weekend..awesome mall! And the only Mall in the DMV (D.C, Maryland, and Virginia) That has a plus size Forever 21. Where I live now, there is only one in LA....
Who going there?

So Rose found these at freaking K-Mart for 5 dollars...yes, I said it right...5 dollars!

She found these for six! Right up my alley!

At the mall in VA, she found this at Forever 21 for 9 dollars! She says it fits like a gem!
Wish I was there with her... sad face :(

And of course, a day with Rose not getting awesome deals on nail polish...will never happen!
She got these awesome colors! Im not sure if it was Rite Aid or CVS...or Maybe it was Wallgreens? Egh, Im not sure.

Im thinking these were from the dollar store. I could be wrong. But still good price for these!
You can't beat it!

Love these colors. I love the very first colors up top. Im all about solid colors. No glimmer or shine to it. Just solid finger paint. Its bold and daring..

~The Reign Of Coachella~

Like I said, if you have not heard of Coachella, look it up right away if you love music and fashion. Usually I do my regular Celebrity Candy looks but, hey...its all about hippie Coachella shit today!

Selena G.
Okay they are not at Coachella, but this was Coachella weekend. And she looks fab. I like when Disney stars get there grown woman on. And she sure has. Love the bag as well.

Emma W.
Harry Potter what? This chick always did it up in fashion. I kinda forgot about her since Solange and Rih Rih stepped their game up harder. She looked cute. This was at the concert this weekend. How cute is that hat?

Lindsay L.
She is a hot mess. I mean really. What a coke whore. Nice bag. I want it.

Azealia B.
I have heard of her before Coachella but now I really really know her! She is a new rapper and I have to say, I am in love! She is great! She did the damn thing and I watched her live on youtube while the concerts were going on. Black girls with purple hair equals a good ass time...if you ask me.

Katy P.
The Princess of Coachella. Katy Perry looked amazing. She looked like a straight up hippie and I loved it. She is super cute and I love the fact that even though she is now divorced she is rocking with a new sexy boy toy model. I love when female pop stars have groupies.
See, I would wear this. And those bone tights are the shit!

Please don't kill me you guys, but yes..
Rihanna (to me) Killed it!
Queen Of Coachella

The sad part is I did not even see her perform. I will look it up later. She looked awesome. As usual. I need Rihanna Rehab. She is killing it every which way but sunday. I love the leopard shoes, the spiky don't think this woman can do any wrong in my eyes.
I love her. I think I woulda named Solange queen of Coachella if she showed up....
wurk bitch

Hope you guys loved the post. Im going hippy all this week thanks to Coachella!
Mwah you guys!
Love you..


  1. The F21 in downtown DC (off the Gallery Place/Chinatown and Metro Center stops) has a Plus wing too!

    1. Really?! Figures when I move I figure this out! LOL! Yeah I would so hopped on that greenline...LOL!

  2. Cute outfit and you and lil mama are gorgeous!!! She needs to be a baby model!!!

  3. I was at Superfest last year. I loved it. Im glad you lived it up and went to many concerts. Out here in London we have concerts going on none stop, except here you can be sixteen to get in. Rose shoes are amazing, I love the flats. I love your earrings too.
    Keep blogging!

  4. you so make me want to run to kmart and see what I can find for a good price.

  5. i have been hearing about coachella all over..i love that kimono inspired jacket ..