Monday, April 9, 2012

I Beez In Da Trap: Neon Dreams & African Treasures

What a week. I almost found myself itching because I could not blog at all with my Mom here. Im not sure if thats a problem or not. Ha! Well, I had a lovely time with my Mom. A week was spent with her being a Grandma and enjoying the hell out of it. My Mom did what she does best, spend money on her Grandkid. Its sweet. Our unspoken funny little agreement is that she can "make it rain" on my little one, but I fin for myself. I have pride issues. Its weird. But buying new comforters and pa-jam-jams was her goal and she sure fulfilled it. She even found little monkey and elephant pillows for a dollar. Her room looks hella great. I had a good time. We talked on the patio till one in the morning and went out every single day. We laughed a bunch and cracked jokes the whole time. It was nice to have her around.
I did notice something...

Im from a family of drama queens. My dad and my mom. Love them so, but the verdict is in. At 26 years old I can confirm that my parents are worry-warts and freak out spazzers. Its true. Theres nothing wrong with that. I love my parents but, hey, that is their personalities. So of course, that is mine as well. I worry all the time, actually quite less than I use too. But when you live in a house full of people who react in a certain way, it does become you. The old southern saying is "birds of the same feather flock together.." or as my Mom says..."You can live in a hoe house and not become a trick.." Yes, my Mom says that. LOL!

Pretty much, I now live in a house of relaxed, calm people. I mediate yes, and I do relax more. But my husband is super chill and so is his personality. The man evens me out more than you could imagine. Even my little bear cub, plays in her crib needing no attention from others and prefers to make gestures than cry out loud. Living this way makes you..super relaxed. DONT GET ME WRONG..I still freak out here and there, but not really. When my Mom came into town, spending that week with her let me know how and why I was the way I am and was. She panics alot, worries about things she cant control, and even double checks her purse in paranoia just to see if she has everything.....I now no why I am a spazz at are your environment..Ha! But I love her to death. Always will. Her spazz moments and all.

Fashion Game has gone up a bit, with shoes actually! My Mom is a shopaholic as am I. More of a shoe-aholic like my girl Rose. She looked inside my closet and noticed my "minimal" selection of shoes. Like I said, I have a large foot (11) so I wear no heel and rock flats that are wide and usually non-stylish. My mother said and I quote.."Your shoes are a wreck." LOL! She tells me that I need to grow some balls and rock some heels regardless of my height. I told her I couldn't. I did say if I could I would rock a small wedge if anything. So one day, in Marshalls she found these shoes...only twenty dollars Madden Girl. I loved them and told her I would buy these right away, given the fact they fit and looked good on my wide foot. My Mom schooled me in shoe shopping. Can't lie. Eventually she grabbed the shoes and bought them for me. Pride got kicked out the door fast...because these shoes were awesome...
Also she gave me her african cuff for my wrist. She was very giving this week. Loved the cuff!
Shirt from Target on sale for 10.00
Neon Bag was 5.99 (I had too, look at that bag!)
Jeans from Torrid, Belt from Torrid
Shoes from Marshalls (thanks Mom!)

Yep! My Mom found me a ten! Maybe I can find cute shoes after all! My Mom says I give up too easy because of my wide foot and tall stature. I automatically assume tens wont fit or wont work. Thanks for schooling me with my shoe game Ma!

I actually saw this shirt for 21 dollars and was about to buy it! Thank goodness I did not! I had it in my Target cart and was about to drop that much! I told Greg to take the shirt out of the cart and not to let me see him do it...and he did! Ha! I know I know..thats pathetic but hey, I can admit that I have a problem.
And that bag...oh my my! I woulda paid twenty...
How awesome are these earring. Ugh, I hate small earring. I like them huge like my men. I love the neon pink though. I had too. They were a dollar. How cute. Plus they look tribal.

What else happened while my Mommy was here? Greg and I had date night!
Whoo HOO!
The surprise Greg had in store for me was, Epic. I am not being dramatic. It is not for everyone, but man it was for me! He took me to this awesome place called Luxury Cinemas. And it was, amazing. You can't go back from that! They had black-tie service men that serves you anything you want with just a press of a button by your chair. Wine and sushi is there to dine with. The seats were lounge chairs that laid you all the way back as if you were in your own living room...
Best. Date. Ever..
The menu lit up in the dark so you could see..pretty freaking amazing....
Our feet...
We went an extra time...Some like the clubs, we like the movies...

I thought I would share my time with you guys.
Check out more pix below of family time:

Steve Madden seems to be the shit these days, at least to me...

My goodness, the print on the very bottom kills me every time...

My Mom found these babies at Ross! For 11 bucks...not bad...

My Mom has always been pretty afro-centric...I guess it rubbed!

I tried to steal this back but she told me to back I did...hahaha!

My Moms Rings, as you see she loves Ankhs..Very Erica Badu...

~Celebrity Candy~
Nicki Minaj Edition
The album came out and yes, I downloaded it. I had too. I was not a super fan of the first Pink Friday album but I have to admit, out of all the female rappers that have been out before her...(I grew up in the Lil Kim days) she is my favorite. I find it hard to deny her sexiness and her style. Not to mention she can honestly, rap. I got the album and made sure to give it a try. Even though her new single Starship makes me want to pluck my eyes out.
Overall the album is decent. The audience that she is selling it to will eat it up. Nicki Minaj is for the younger generation obviously. I can tell that since her biggest single was Supa Bass she has to try and max that anthem over and over again. The beginning of the album is awesome. Her split personalities come to play and she kills it. I personally love crazy Nicki than Pop star Nicki. Most do. Its Hip Hop but than turns really saturated. I now hear Rihanna tracks and Lady Gaga choruses when I hit track seven and up. Its also obvious that she is insecure in herself and feels the need to hint at Lil Kim every other song. Your better than her Nick, lets move on...
But overall, my favorite songs are Roman Holiday, Beez In The Trap & Pound The Alarm...

Man she is hot. Talk about girl crush. I think she took Amber Rose's place for sure. There is something about her, and that body! I wish my stomach was flat like that with all that ass. I mean wow!
Check out Her Fashion Below:

So, remember I said I bought the book Game Of Thrones?
I suckered out and started watching the show. And man is it good. Its scandal everywhere you turn. Unfortunately I do not have HBO, but I do have the internet. Shhh! The book was too slow. I needed to see the chaos rather than read it this time. Probably the best show since Walking Dead. Im still waiting for my other book called Fifty Shades Of Grey. It should be coming today, or tommorow....damn mail....

Great post coming up, I have tons to show you guys! Hope everyones Easter was awesome!

Mwah. Stay True.


  1. I love how as soon as I read the title of this post I started singing the song! Now as I type, I can't get it out of my head. I love me some shoes too! I don't have very many clothes, but you best believe that my shoes take up all of my space.

    Those sandals are super cute!! It's funny how the traits that my mom has bothered me like crazy as a kid, but I see them as her just being her now that I'm an adult. Gotta love'em!

  2. So glad you had a good time with your mom.

  3. I love love love that top girl! Your mom sounds like me. I am a worry wart. I will die early because of this I am certain! lol So glad you found some shoes that you love. You know how I feel about Nikki....ahhhh NO!! lol Kiah

  4. That bag speaks to me! And the sandals are uber cute! Your baby is adorable...glad you had some alone time with your boo

  5. love those neon colors - especially love your bag!
    It´s just baaaaam <3

    xx the cookies

  6. Thanks for visiting and following! Lovin' your style. ;)
    Oh, I would have loved that theatre too, perfect combo-a good movie and good food. :)