Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting Tied Up: The Update

As many of you know, my Moms in town. So I have been busy entertaining her then my blog, which makes since. What a week. Im back for right now. She leaves this weekend. I have not even been on the internet much nor have I watched any of my recorded shows. I have been on hiatus it feels like. Over all, Im happy she came. Date night was beyond awesome. I will speak more on that later. Greg's secret surprise was worth the wait. So much so that we are going back to the surprise on Friday. Pictures will be posted very soon

Enough about my life. Right now this is my Outfit Of The Day. I love a look that has a man- influenced tone to it. And what better than a tie? Very simple outfit. The shirt was at Ross for seven dollars, I had to get it. There is nothing cooler than a woman dressing dominate. I love mixing things that don't belong. High pumps and a man tie.
Jeans are from Torrid. Of course. Legging jeans are so comfy yet they look so tight on. The shoes are from the Thrift Store...Always check your local Goodwill, you never know what you might find.

My Mom went overboard shopping for the Boobooski. Her suitcase was packed with more clothes for the baby then herself. I think she bought over ten dresses. There is an unspoken rule that she is allowed to decorate her room. Everything else I can handle.
Yes. This a Juicy Couture baby towel. Where my Mom found this I had no idea. It was 56 dollars but my Mom got it for much less. Too cute.
One of my favorites is the beach wear. I love the all white cover up. It looks amazing.
The sandals are perfect with it.

~All Haul The Queen Of The Bargain~
So while on hiatus with my Mom, Rose got her wisdom teeth taken out today. What a champ she is. Kmart has lost their minds. Not only do they have awesome plus size clothes, but their clearance was only a 1.99! Only Rose. I got so excited that I went to Kmart as well, and realized, their 1.99 racks were outside and very empty. Of course Rose found a billion and one things! Luckily she bought me some awesome shirts there. She gathered a few outfits for herself.
Mini Black Dress
Amazing shirt 1.99
Leggings 2z and 3x a dollar ninety nine
Sleeve of the new shirt!
The last and color is amazing...I would raid her closet if we were the same height.
~Celebrity Candies~
Taylor S.
Is Taylor swift actually dropping the plain jane look? About time. Its time for Tay Tay to be a woman. I love when she dresses edgy, but them little sundresses with flats are a hot-mess. Just saying.

Rihanna F.

I don't now how to feel about this look. As for her hair, THANK GOD its back to black! Blonde was okay but sometimes it just, did not work in her favor. Her hair is a bit shaven on the side I see.

The outfit is cute but is not extreme.

Solange K.
I have seen those shoes, enough already. I love them. Especially the mint color. Im loving the look all together, but, its Solange, what can she do wrong?

Beyonce K.
This dress is one of those outfit, you either love it, or hate it. And your not sure what to make of it....

Ashlee Simpson
I died and gone to heaven. Love her boots.
Jennifer L.

Hunger Games was awesome. Yep. I finally saw it. For some odd reason I fell people are trying too hard to make it the next Twilight. They are both totally different. The movie gave its justice. I miss having books to read. I love escaping into books. Only thing is, books are becoming endangered. Maybe Im old school. Im ready for another trilogy. I love getting lost into characters. Now that Im done the Hunger Games, its time to get wrapped into something else.

3. Daughter Of Smoke And Bone
I heard this was good. Then again, every book is not for everyone. I want to try it out. I hear its about a devil and an angel falling in love. I could be wrong but thats what I get out of it. Eventually I will. Yet, this book is not on the top of my list.

2.) Game Of Thrones
Rose brought this to my attention. Apart of me wanted just to buy the whole series but is who got 78 dollars? Not me. I can manage without. Im not big on medieval stories but like I said, I love trilogies and sagas. I got the book today and I found it hard to read. I would need complete silence. I have not seen the show, but I hear its the greatest! I shall read first. I like having a vision of all the character and then see if they match the movie or sitcom.

1. Fifty Shades Of Great
I have heard so much about this book. The author got influenced by Twilight and gave it a spin. I went to Barnes & Noble today and tried to purchase it again yet, as usual, all sold out! What is so grand about this book? Now Im dying to know what happens. I hear its Erotic. Big deal. Also, this book is a trilogy as well...can we say sold?
Sorry if this seems quick. I will post more after my Mother has left the building.
Love you guys, Mwah


  1. Love the tie! U can never go wrong with rocking a man inspired look with a girlie edge!

    I see Moms is spoiling the baby! How sweeeeet....

    Rose fashion finds are unbelievable - I can't get over them leggings those are awesomeness!!!!

    Hope, you enjoy the rest of week sweetie. Take Care & try to enjoy the last few days while Mom is there!


  2. Love your cute. all the baby clothes are super cute.

  3. this is tooooo cute!

  4. I love this look! YOu look gorgeous as usual!