Thursday, April 19, 2012

Floral Manic: My Favorite Things & Rihanna Rehab

This will be an interesting post. The Boobooski is sleeping on me while I type up this post as I speak, or well...type. Multi-tasking...comes with shooting a baby out I guess. Its such a nice day. I want to watch a movie on netflix and call it a day. But of course, my life consist of more things that I need to get done before the day is over. I have maybe three phone calls to make and on errand. The hubby is begging me to pick up some more cream for his coffee. Rose said it better than anyone. Instead of having a splash of cream, he adds a splash of coffee and the rest cream. Hot mess. I swears that the coffee makes him great in the morning but, lets be honest...its the sugar.
The Babe is sleep. Excuse me while I lay her down for her her body heat is making me sweat terribly. Ughhh.. Be right back....

Perfect timing. She is out. Im not that good with rocking her to sleep. And she knows this. She lifts her head up and gives me a "your not doing it right" look. Greg, the husband on the other hand....seems to knock her out perfectly. I don't get it. I can tell she would rather have him do it then me. Maybe my boobs are too hard. I dunno. Well, anyway, its thursday. I thought I would blog about the things I want or a wish list perhaps. I do one every six months. Why not do another one. As you can see above, Im in love with my denim shirt. I wear it with everything. Like I said, you guys will be seeing this shirt more often. There is no END to the possibilities! So before I actually start my day, I will blog my list of wants....
But before that, I guess this is my Outfit Of The Day? So, here it is..yet again...

I love floral. Im not over this trend just yet. I guess its because its so dainty and delicate, and paired with harsh and rugged things just make it look super bad ass. I love these leggings so much. Im surprised they do not have a hole yet as much as I wear them. I saw them at Target, and loved them ever since. I think I got these for about 10 dollars. Either way it was a good price. Don't sleep on Target...I love times.
Here are some influences:

Combat boots from H&M, the mens section. I paid money for these. About twenty six. I have such a large foot that I did not even try the womans boots. These were perfect and I rock them this very day. I had to wait for the combat boots to get a bit tattered in order for it to loo right. So I wore them under jeans for awhile...and they eventually had the look I was going for..

Gotta love a nice pair of shoes, time and time again...

~Top Looks & Items I Want & Love~

The Bow Tie
I want one. But not a boring one. Something stylish or even african inspired. That would be really cute!

The Trendy Collar
Sadly, I seen these at Hot Topic, and they did not fit my god damn neck. Figures. I could not breathe. I know, I could make my own, but I don't really wanna...I don't know, maybe I will..

Kid Style
There is nothing cuter than little kid swag. Im talking little boys and girls in their modern looks and cute GAP sweater. I can't get enough of it! Love this!

Supreme Clothing Line
Yeah, its pretty skater boy but I really want a Supreme shirt or hat. Maybe a shirt because lets be honest, I could not wear the hat. I just love the tees they have...

I checked Hot Topic and I saw a video that showed that they sell their own shirts at concerts. I really want one. I think I could do it up with a blazer and flats...yup!

Pastel Nail Colour
Its very Easter-riffic, and Im all for it! I love the mint green and baby pink. I think they stand out and has a more different approach then your average bland color. Even beige is awesome.

Purple Hair
I need to let go of this fantasy. I always think Im going to wake up and dye the ends of my dreds purple. Then I chicken out and don't do it...I need to throw this "want" in the trash...

Especially these. I love when I have a whole bunch of bracelets on my wrist. Its hippie and cute

~Celebrity Candy~
Im on Rihanna Rehab, no more Rihanna. I find myself posting her just because. I thinks she is heavenly. Not to mention she is super good to look at. But no more. Im taking a week off Rihanna stalking, and giving other celebs a chance. Sad, but I have to coach myself.

Rita Ora
I think she is the biggest wanna be. Jay Z signed her to do the same success as Rihanna. What the hell? I think that was a one time thing if you ask me. I heard her music and its so saturated. I can't get into it. Nice outfit though...

Erikah Badu

You guys already know why I posted this...look at them

Miley Cyrus
Her style gets better and better..

Emma Stone
Super cute, love the flats. Mint green oxfords? Oh hell yeah...F&%$ing right..

Azealia Banks
Black chick? Purple hair? Bad Ass Goth Metal Boots? Perfection....

Kate Bosworth
This has to be the best outfit that I have seen all week! Love the put-together!

Iggy Azealaa
So apparently, her and Azealia Banks are beefing as rap chicks always do. I like Azealias music better actually. I listened to Iggy and she sounds...very...fake. I don't know. T.I actually signed her. Maybe she will get better with him backing her. T.I. might have something here. Her style is cool, and she freaking looks like one of my friends Holly...
(Holly if your reading..this is your stunt double...)
I love the hair..

I hope you liked my favorite things! And your welcome with my "Rihanna Rehab"...! I'll be back maybe this weekend, if not, I shall post monday as I always do! Mwah!

Kick Your Heart Out Kid...


  1. Love the look. I like Iggy's pony tail. I like Azealia better than her because I rep the!

  2. Love this Post And your flower leggins



  3. OMG, I want...NEED that purple hair!!!