Friday, April 13, 2012

The Dawn Of The Denim: Rih Rih Overload?

It never ever rains here. Finally, when I want to go to the beach this Saturday, I find out it might rain. Figures. Thats fine, maybe next weekend. I love rain just as much. I guess this weekend will be a cuddle weekend with the family. I don't mind. Greg and I planned to take the little one to the beach and have relaxation time out there by the water. I don't go near the beach when its rainy or cloudy. Its super super cold. Its even a little breezy when the sun is out. I should have turned in my Netflix so we all would have something to watch. Then again, my book came in the mail so I might cuddle up with that. So far the book is pretty good. I find myself always trying to read it but then, something comes up. I more busier than I use to be.
Believe it or not.
So okay. Im on a denim faze. Then again maybe its not a faze. I bought this $5.00 shirt from Walmart and have been switching up my look with it ever since. Its a Wrangler shirt from the guy section. I have to admit I kind of crazy over it. There is so much I can do with this shirt. You guys are gonna see this shirt alot! Maybe too much! I love the fact its over sized. I adore the fact it denim and a button-down. It matched everything. At least to me it does. And it was only five dollars. It seems like denim is back, in full effect. And if your a lover of leggings like I am, then you would agree that a denim shirt it the cherry on the cake.

I have been seeing the washed out dark denim look for awhile now. All the fashion blogs are all about it and so are celebrities as well. Its super simple and easy to copy. Of course this whole look is inspired by Rihanna, who has seem to be on the denim train herself. Since seeing her, I have been all about it. I got dressed today and really had no clue what to wear or how to wear it. Should I wear my jean leggings or should I rock black laced leggings with combat boots?? I was stuck. So I thought I would post both.

And this is a guys shirt! How awesome is that! And of course, Walmart came through yet again. I saw many. They are actually work shirts.

The Influence:

Okay Okay, lets be honest. No one can touch Rihanna when it comes to style. I certainly do not have the body of this woman who just so happens to be the size on just one of my thighs. I noticed every paparazzi picture that was taken of her within a week was the same look just dressed up different. She wore the same shirt three nights in a rock but every look was done differently. Brilliant. I know, I know. Im a stalker for noticing that. But I stalk her fashion more than!

Here are more looks from my two outfits of the day. Like I said, you will be seeing alot more of this shirt. Im going to apologize now. Just letting you know before you think Im just repeating the same look... over and over..

Head Wrap
The head wrap Im wearing is my Moms. She left it here before she left so why not put it to use. I love a nice head wrap. This is more Solange-influenced if anything. Gave the whole look a pop of something extra that it needed.
Peacock Earrings:
A dollar. They broke actually right after I took them off. I just put t back together as so. I paid a dollar so I expect them to fall apart sometimes.

So besides my look, I have a lot of good outfits coming up next week. Im actually excited! I will make sure to post of course. This weekend I also plan on making this dish that my bestie Rose told me about. Im kinda stoked to try it. I will post the results when I finish. Im also still watching the t.v. show Game of Thrones. Its sucks because I do not have HBO and thats where you can watch the damn show! Ugh, It sucks I have to dig for these episodes. I will keep trying. Its a great show. Other than that, my entertainment is the book I just got called Fifty Shades Of Grey. I would read more but of course, the little one wants my full attention if we are laying in the bed together. I usually start reading again if she naps or if she is busy playing with her animals..

~Celebrity Candy~
Just so everyone knows, I love celebrities. I always did. If you love fashion you gotta love looking at what the people with real mula wears. I mean, at least I do. I tend to post celebrity style every post. Mainly because it shows the celebs who are really stylish as of right now. Man, I would love to be on that show fashion about dream job...

Nicki. M
I already love that top and the gold. Im getting really into gold these days. I use to hate it. If its gold I am willing to buy. I wonder how that happened. I love her hair as well.

Adrianne B.
This chick stays styling and I wonder how she even gets paid. She like literally has no job. I mean, she use to be a Cheetah Girl. I dunno. But her shoe game is hot all the time and so is her look.

Amber R.
Amber Rose wearing something stylish since the Kanye era?!?! Im shocked. I'd die for those pants. Like literally die. If I could find these I would pass out. Love the shoes with them!

Kourtney K.
She has to be the baddest pregnant chick ever...

Miley C.
I love her style. I don;t know why...but I do...

Rihanna F.
Talk about a overdose. Im so obsessed with Rihanna. I need help. I follow everything she does. Every time I try to back away from posing about her...she comes long and rocks something else fierce! Every time!
So she is back to black. I love it. Blonde was getting weird and tacky. I see she shaved a side. I wanna do that, but...I can't.

We'll thats it for today. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Oh by the way, Nicki Minaj's cd is growing on me. I let the hubby hear it and even he said its not that bad. I like hood-Nicki..the pop Nicki is just..weird. I don't know. The album is cool I guess. She is crazy. And I can't help but like it. So musically, check these songs out for your own playlist.
1.) Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray (this song speak to me..)
2.) Beez In Da Trap by Nicki Minaj (so sexy and naughty..I love..)
3.) I Am Your Leader by Nicki Minaj (cocky..)
4.) Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars (people in love know this all too well)
5.) Video Games by Lana Del Ray (haunting...)
MWAH! Thanx 4 reading dollfaces!


  1. Gurl the lace on the side of those leggings is killin it! Love how you finished off the outfit with the boots!

  2. Both looks are HOT but I'm reallyyyyy loving the leggings/combat boots combo. That's such a cute outfit! Where'd you get those boots?? I've been wanting a pair forever but haven't seen any that I like that actually fit my budget ;[

  3. Such a great shirt and great price. I have yet to jump on this trend.

  4. Love your style!! The red lipstick was perfect!! xo

  5. love it! I'm not much a of jeans girl, but u have inspired me to look for a fly denim shirt ;)