Tuesday, April 24, 2012

H To My M: Kid Candy

I hate this new blogger shit. IT'S STUPID! It took forever for me to learn this. I like it yet I do not. I don't know. I guess it will grow on me. Not much going on today, besides trying to learn this new template and talking to Rose as she searches for jobs in Nevada. Im glad Im finally learning it. Finally. Well, this is my outfit of the day. The love of H&M. Just my tank top. The fact the shirt says Male Couture is..freaking awesome. I posted this shirt maybe a year ago and I still love it just the same. I mean super cute. Everything else Im rocking is from other places. The little hair bow on the side is from of course Everything 5.99 store. For a dollar! Yay! Pretty normal look for me, nothing to special.
 Nothing like a splash of neon. Thats my thing right now. Neon, neon neon. Makes me happy...

 Im pretty big on mixing prints this year. I really don't care. I will mix polka dots and leopard.
I don't care. There is nothing like breaking the rules...

I am still rocking flats. I will rock a heel maybe one day...tee hee!
 Grey Jeans: Torrid
Leopard Shoes: Torrid
Neon Purse: Target
Grey Blazer Torrid

Oh by the way, this weekend was pretty rainy. Today is sunny, and strange enough...I wanted sun. I kinda miss the sunny days. Im not a big fan of going out into the rain. It was terrible. I am usually all about rainy cold days but I was not feeling it this weekend. Not at all. It drizzled here and there. But overall, we were all more in the house than anything. Monday got busy. I also today need to make a few phone calls. Good weekend, but Im hoping this weekend coming up will be nice and sunny...

 Speaking of H&M, my bestie Rose who is in Maryland right now had a nice affair with H&M! She originally texted me last week stating that she needed these all white skinny jeans from there. She even expressed that the pants were only 9 dollars. Yes, 9 dollars for some pants. I told here she would be an idiot to not get them! So of course, she went to the mall and got them! And she found them in her size! I love H&M! The one around my way (Carlsbad, CA) suck horribly, but the one further away in the city (Fashion Valley, CA) is simply breathe-taking! And its the same store! The better one is too far away. Rose also found some extra goodies as well in her dressing room! Check her out!
 You guys know I lost my mind when she sent this via picture message! She did not buy. It was 17.99..
 Loved this shirt, super super cute...great beach wear!
 The back is even better! Her nails already match the stripes...

 So in the end, she did buy these pants. And there are the white pants she originally went for...
 If I ever find some pants my size for 9.95, they are coming with me...
 This shirt is too amazing! Love the colors! Even better is the belts she bought for this..

 Need I say more? Rose is all about the coral colors this season, and I don't blame her...
More Shots From Rosie's buys!

 The pants are bad ass on! I would love a pair myself. Right now Im looking for any pants that are very lose. Almost kinda saggy and sweat-pants like material. That would be cute! She got a good deal on those pants hands down. Good looking H&M!

H&M is always on point with their colors. I know if I walk into a store I will find something with color that pops! Right now they have the whole Versace line inside the store. I have not seen it in person. Or maybe I did? Im not too sure. And for all the plus size ladies, H&M has all the goods as well, do not be fooled. Even Forever 21 has goodies that fit! Don't be discouraged. Something will fit! Trust me!

Versace Line
Love the color, something about orange
Sharp Necklace
I need this, anything with spikes or a look for sharp edges...need to come with me 

Navy Blazer
I would kill for this blazer...striped arms? Navy blue?

Tribal Green Sandals
Love the print but Im mad thats where your foot goes...
~ Celebrity Candy~

Nothing like fashionable celebs. Especially fashionable Celeb kids. I thought instead of posting my usual Rihanna and Solange, I would post kids that be doing it! Of course I have my top five. And of course number one is the best. Let get go. 

 Madonna's daughter be doing it. She was just caught smoking and she is like sixteen years old. Her style is pretty punk. Her hair is shaven on the side and I love it. I think she has her own line or maybe her Mom does. But her fashion stays on point. Love her.

Zonnique Pullen
 T.I and Tiny's daughter is too cute. Love her blue hair! She is pretty fashionable and looks super cute in her group the OMG Girls! Love her glasses. And the bow! I think she is sixteen. I dunno. Her style is awesome. 

Suri Cruise 
 She is way too precious! I love all the girlie pink stuff she wears. She be styling for an eight year old. Katie Holmes sure knows how to a dress a little one. 

Willow Smith

Willow Smith is hands down the best fashionable kid in Hollywood right now. I hope that my little one becomes a little Willow because she is THAT awesome! Combat metal boots, Odd Future T-Shirts....shaven mohawk pink head?!?! Need I say more. Jada looks pretty bad ass as well. Such rock stars! I love it! Check out her style. It might be a much for people but I love it. Kylie, if you ever want to shave your head and dye it green or pink....lets go to Sally's together...

 Bad. Ass.

Mwah You Guys! Check Out H&M...


  1. I'm with you. The new blogger format is for the birds. It's really on my nerves right now. Anyhoo... H & M has come through for me on skirts and tops only. I have yet to come across a pair of pants that fit my buxom bottom. lol!

    Willow Smith does a great job of expressing herself through her appearance. I love it too. I told my husband the other day if our daughter wanted to dye her hair or shave it off, or style it funky I would be all for it as long as it was what she wanted to do & not to follow someone else. It's only hair and clothes. These things can be changed. I only wish I had that type of expressive freedom when I was a young person.

  2. my friend and I watch you all the time....u HAVE to do a hair video!

  3. I'm also hating the new blogger. Also Photobucket decided to change too. I can never find anything in H&M. In Germany that was my store.

  4. I am so BEHIND on reading blog posts. I love your neon purse its so much fun!!! Does baby have a tooth already...I just died...just DIED!!!

  5. I don't know about the new blogger thingy either, I always feel to go back to good ol' basic blogger!
    I like your shirt, did you get from the mens section? I do live in the mens section ahahaa.
    Ahhh love Dakota fanning and t.i'd daughter but willow is a but much, too rihanna for her age, don't you think?



  6. I love your outfit! Everything about it is perfect. The leopard, the neon, the gray tshirt and cardigan, the skinny jeans, the accessories. I love every piece of it!! With the 90s grunge and neon becoming popular again, it would be dope to see Willow in a Fresh Prince of Belair tshirt. I don't know much about OMG girls I'll have to check them out, she looks cute. And my girl Boobooski, she is sooo beautiful! Look at her teeth... awwwwwwww! I'm happy Rose is moving closer to you so they can get to know each other.