Tuesday, September 6, 2011

With Arms Wide Open...

Here she is. Looking over into a crib makes me shake my head twice to realize she is finally here. Im very happy. I think she is, I mean...well, everyone thinks so about their babies but I think she is stunning. She is something else. I love her face, her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her feet...I love everything. I have no a damn clue who she looks like at all, could not tell you. But she looks amazing to me. Im very happy and jumpy that she is in my life. I adore her.

I had a c-section.
Which was awesome, because, no pain was given at all. Yeah I know I gotta heal but, I have no problem with that. I'll do what I got to do. Everything went smoothly.

Me and her.
We already do so much together. We nap together, eat together, stare at each other. She smiles at me from time to time. I smile back. She loves laying near my heart and loves to be cradled all the time. Which is awesome because I love giving her attention and she loves the attention given. I like seeing her around. I want so much for her. I am breastfeeding and pumping away. I love giving her myself, in anyway I can. I think this is the Mom in me coming out. Because she is my reason. I love how she is like Greg. Calm, gentle, but when she craps n herself she becomes mad like me and neurotic until she gets changed. Every time it makes me laugh.
Greg and I?
Great team.
We have this thing were we don't have to sit down and plan who is doing what or why.It just happens and it works. I take Kylie at night most of the time because I literally don't sleep, but Greg is a huge sleeper, so I take that load off if she needs anything. I even wake up at 4 just to feed her. And he during the day bottle feeds her and gives the nips a break and changes her more near the afternoon...it just....

My folks are coming into town today. All the way from Maryland. Im a little paranoid, given the place still isn't were it needs to be. But hey, there here to see the boobooski...
Thats all. Im just not as clean as them, just aint..

As for fashion.
Your girl is coming back. I will have more video and photos of new mom life of course, and slowly after my bikini cut heals, I will be back in some fashion. MWAH!
Missed blogging and gossiping with ya'll..
Luv Ya.

Song of the day is Creed..
"Arms Wide Open"
The words express, everything I felt like I couldn't do this, and in the song, the lead singer states that about his son. How he wasn't sure he could teach his son to be the man he is suppose to be. He had doubts. But when he saw him come into the world, he knew he could do it. Talking about this makes me wanna die and cry all over agin.
So, to Kylie..
I don't care if they won't accept you, if they don't want you, if hard obstacles come...
I'll be there.
I'll show you love.
I'll show you everything.

of course I cried when I saw her..

Greg & his new girl

With arms wide open
Under the sunrise
Welcome to this place
I’ll show you everything..


  1. This is such a beautiful post! Congrats to you and Greg on your new bundle of joy! She is so gorgeous!


    P.S. I think she looks like you.

  2. Awwwwww. She is so beautiful. I think that last part got me a little emotional lol. Congratulations again girl.


  3. she is beautiful, amazing and so precious! Thanks for the pics...made me smile looking at that new beautiful baby girl!

    <3 mele

  4. she is beautiful.

    now i want one!

  5. Those cheeks!! OMG those cheeks!! I just wanna kiss her! Ok that was a little weird (being a stranger and all) but you know what I mean!! Don't worry about the house. Hey maybe momma will even clean up if she feels the urge!! haha SCORE!! lol Such a precious gift. Going to cry now!! Kiah

  6. she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!
    Just gorgeous like her mama!!

  7. Moya!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Look at that beautiful girl!! I feel like I have a new little cousin, lol...
    I am proud of you; you are a GREAT mother. Look at who you have brought into the world! Welcome Boobooski!! I'm so happy for you and Greg. Amazing... good luck, honey :] get your rest, and enjoy your new life!!

  8. Aaahh she's so tiny and cute!! Congratulations again!! x

  9. She is so beautiful. Congrats again.


  10. Look at that little body and that hair and those feet!!! Oh, I've never met her and and I love her!!

  11. Awww she is precious! Congratulations again...what a blessing!

  12. congrats, ma'am. and you weren't lying: she is gorgeous!

  13. Congratulations! She is gorgeous...and look at all that hair.