Monday, September 19, 2011

The Domestic Damsel: Life, Style & Zoe vs Zooey

Okay. So today is a good day.
Yeah its Monday and people work, go to school, raise kids, what have you. Its your average day.
But I feel good, better than normal.
So far everything is going amazing, as according to plan. I miss my Mom and Dad being around, I must admit. I never thought I would day that. Usually I love my own space, I like being alone. But not this time. My Mom and I bonded pretty close. I can tell she sees me now as a woman and not much as a child. I mean, so much has changed. So much. We sit down as women and laugh and tell jokes. I love it. I miss her. I really do. Now that everyones back in Maryland, life here is back to normal. Im a mother, a wife, and Its becoming more and more real each day. Its a place I did not think I would be. I look on the bed and see Greg passed out and see the Boobooski laid out on top of me. How quickly we became a family.

Normally, things would get under my skin. Life would get under my skin. But now things have to be different. I know sometimes I will have to remind myself, that the only important factor in my life is my child. What I mean by remind myself is, I can get lost in bullshit sometimes. As we all do. But I will try not too. I look over at her now and feel an innocence. I want to keep it that way. Greg told me not to fill my energy up with bad energy, because she will feel it. Thats the last thing I want. I normally get so caught up in such ignorance and bad chi. I don't want that for her. Especially not from me. I don't want her to gain any bad vibes. I just want her to be happy and loved. Thats all.
Misery loves fucking company I swear to god, and I always seem to be the first on the invitation. We all have our demons. I just voice mines.

Me and The Homie.

This weekend rocked. So much was going on. It was nice riding in my car again. I was not able to drive it for a bit. I use to turn down the music given the fact I was preggo, I did not want to damage her hearing the way I blast music...(myth but wasn't taking any chances). But this time I turned up Kanye and Jay Z's Watch The Throne album loud as I could. I went to look for clothes for Booski and got some Blockbuster Movies previously previewed. So nice. I wore jeans again, no stretchy leggings for my belly. I wore a nice size large shirt and it went over my chunky belly with no pregnancy bulge. I felt back to normal, and I liked it.
All and all..
Good back to normal weekend...

Breast Milk anyone?

Oh so over the weekend..
I made some Manicotti type noodle thingy..and it turned out so good. Greg ate all of it. There is officially no more. I liked it a lot as well, but it was so heavy. Ugh!
I officially Olive Gardened this sunday.

Yum! Stuffed with cheese and meat on the bottom....

So much seems to be popping in October. Im kinda ready for it, kinda not. I am distant from the future, sometimes it scares me a bit. Halloween is certainly coming. Rose was going to come down, but the prices were a bit high. Im excited. My first Halloween "McNeely family" style. Im gonna decorate outside for sure. Im so ready! Im super stoked. Dollar Tree here I come! When do you start decorating for Halloween?? The first of October or later on? Im still trying to be a cat. Most likely I will go to CVS or Walmart for car ears and a tail. I don't wanna be too out there. This is my first rodeo. I hope Booski enjoys, even though she wont know what the hell is going on. But she will when she sees pictures. LOL!

As always...
With or without you....

So Im kinda obsessed with vintage right now. I have been on Mod Clothes constantly looking at boho looks. I wish I could fit most that shit. Its way too small. I miss thrifting. But anyway, my two favorite vintage babes both have the name Zoey. So I thought to myself why not show their looks, which looks fab every time. Check out my favorite vintage celebs. The first one is Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days Of Summer. She is the chick that looks close to Katy Perry. And then there is Zoe Kravitz, who just...screams hot. I mean, have ya'll seen her parents? She is literally created from sexy.
Bad ass dress!
Love this dress

Doesn't she ring Katy Perry or is it just me?

Zoe Kravitz:
We all know Lisa Bonet her mom right? The chick from the Cosby Show and A Different World? The hot chick? We'll Zoe looks just like her, my god! Her fashion is a little more rug'ed vintage than Zooeys. Zooey's fashion is a little more clean vs Zoe Kravitz's fashion who's look is always tattered and messy.
Love the shades....
Here are her parents...oozing sex...making her...
Beautiful family..


Thats her boyfriend, .....yum..... 13 year difference I here...

So In October, so much is coming back on. Modern Family, Walking Dead, Glee, need I go on?
I am so excited!
Plus new stuff is coming on that I am feeling!
So the new show Im feeling is American Horror Story which start Oct. 5th.
It looks bad ass. I could be wrong. But I love horror and already asked Rose to watch it with me. I hope its good. Im kinda weary. Im not sure. But I can't wait to check it out. Looks super creepy....but they did say the creators of Glee helped produce this...
Could go either way I guess...
We'll see..

Can't wait for that new Coldplay! Hope it leaks....honestly...

Song of The Day:
my body tells me no....but I want more...

Love ya'll, Chunky Funky Monkeyz is back in business...


  1. I'm so happy to hear everything is going good for you. I so want to watch the new tv show with zoey zo when it comes out.

  2. in this contest, i think zoe wins. hands down. i love zooey but man, ms. kravitz's style embodies everything that i love in both her parents.

    and yay for bonding with the mother and becoming your own little family. ya'll are so adorable.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting and for the follow! Congrats on the new family & welcome to Motherhood!

    Zoe is sooo stylish; she's very unique in her own way & I love that about her!!!!! Also, you can start decorating for Halloween as early as Oct. 1st!!!! Be sure to take pictures of your decor!


  4. I can't choose between these two! I love zooey's quirkyness and vintage looks and I also love zoe's sex-oozing swag! lol great blog! I'm definitely following you! I hope you'll follow me back!:o)