Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tye Dyez & Thighs: The A.Oslen Vault Of Style

Tye Dyez & Thighs
"Marshalls has been very good to me."
I found this awesome shirt on clearance for 12 dollars. Totally awesome. I love kimono style shirts. Or any shirts that have huge ass sleeves. Sloppy-go-happy shirts. Thats what I always call them. This shirt just so happened to have the print I love. I found it in a couple of sizes. The bigger the better I say. I love shirts that slide off the shoulder. Oversized shirts that look a bit too big. This shirt is not that sloppy given the fact the sleeves are pretty oversized themselves. So I just got a 2x and left it at that. They had a 3x but, the shirt is already loose on its own. Didn't wanna over do it.
The skirt is from Ross. Hey, what can I say. I like my legs a bit. I have no shame in showing some knee. I love wearing skirts and combat boots. Its like the biggest contradiction in the world. I love mixing cutesy colors with mad ass things. Like floral tops with leather jackets, or pink dress with all black rugged converse...
Its awesome.
So I do what I can with what I got.
Loving my Twilight Saga Book collection...I know you see it! Tee hee!
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Shopping has been rare, I must admit. But I do what I can. I seem to be more busy then usual. Well, given I had a new baby, life has made a total turn around. I would say for the better. I would have never thought to say that. But now looking back. I honestly couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing. I mean, I was doing things..but honestly...not really. This is the first time in a long time that I have major responsibility. This is the first time where Im busy all damn day. I kinda wasn't very busy with anything before, besides school, and I was barely passing that (math, mainly)...
How things change....for better. I think.
Life has been going great so far. I have no complaints. Change is good. No one wants to be doing the same thing over and over. Even though, people sometimes want you in the same spot all the time and don't expect anything to change. I see that a lot. People look at me when I was eighteen and expect me to be the same person at twenty six. Then again, people see me when I was twenty one and STILL expect me to be doing the same shit I was doing then. Its pretty pathetic. Things change people. But I swear people hate that. Do you get what I mean? Maybe its the crabs in the bucket type thing.
I dunno...
People are freaking crazy as bats...
We'll sometimes you gotta have the feelings of Morgan Freeman...
Because lately...

Okay, so over the weekend I bought all these movies from Blockbuster. Greg and I love this movie called A-TEAM and I just so happened to buy it in the bunch. We were watching it over again on the couch and man oh man! Bradley Cooper is to die for. I mean really. Im sure you guys really know him more from The Hanover and The Hanover 2 but...
What a piece of ass...
So hot!
I was looking over at Greg on the couch, crossing my fingers that he didn't see my drool over him as hard. Oh Bradley....So hot. That body, that smile....Just needed a moment..
This was random...but I had to express myself...
I wonder if he has been with any black women? Hmmmm???

This is nothing new, we all know those Oslen twins have style and swag all over the place. But I honestly like Ashley's style the best. I don't know, Mary Kate seems to be more hobo which is cute but Ashley seems to have more glamour in her closet. Check out my favorite twin.
You be the judge:
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Alright peeps. Gotta get up and start the day.
"Booski feet..."

Song of The Day:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
They scream California living...


  1. Cute outfit. I have been doing any shopping either.

  2. I love the combat boots and fanciness... that's super hot! You look good in above the knee wear. I'm the same way with my shirts. I go in Avenue and get the biggest size they have. My mother always makes a face but when I put it on she approves, lol as if I don't know how to dress myself and purchase what I think will look good. SMH.
    Which ties into what you said about changing, but no one expecting you to change. With time, everything changes, period. Relationships would fare so much better if everyone could realize that. Individuals constantly have experiences that tweak their thoughts, which in turn will tweak their outlook, and the end result of that domino effect is change. And anyone who doesn't like it, or can't accept it, fuck em.
    I can't tell the difference when I look at Mary Kate and Ashley... -__- but they always look great to me. They have perfected cocaine chic, but I mean that in a really good way.
    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSKI BOOOO!! Wook at her widdle feetie feet, awww! Thank you for sharing your precious baby journey with us, I appreciate it!

  3. GASP!! Moya you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Motherhood has been good to you BOO!! WOW!! You just snapped right back into shape. You actually look thinner to me! Those lips are slamin and I love you in that short skirt girl! Yes, people.. we do this thing called "GROWING UP"!! You should try it, its nice!! lol I swear I have friends that are doing the same thing they were doing in high school. Seriously! I mean really! I know exactly what you are talking about. They treat you the way they used to as if you will accept that. Hello! I'm a grown a** woman!! You better show some respect! lol Moving on...I love Ashley's style and that guy from the A-Team is looking scrum-doli-ochous!! LOL Awe...look at Kylie's lil foot sticking out! #tear Love you girl! Kiah

  4. love that top! twelve bucks?!?! wow! I think skirts and combat boots are super cute! Also, I thought I was the only one who had uber respect for the olsen twins' style. they've really grown up!

  5. You look mother fucking amazing!! Orange lips always tug at my heart. Your face has changed so much. When you have a baby, your face matures, you can definitely see the change of mommy.