Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheers To Loving Yourself: Fashion Celeb Fridayz

For some reason. Woman hate hearing other woman saying this. You would be surprised all the secrets woman keep in. But one thing I know that women hate is the subject of their weight. Not just weight in general. But another woman being comfortable in their skin. It eats them away. Of course not all women. There are the normal females who congratulate others on weight lost or people who are comfortable in their own size. Yes, there are some nice normal women out there (somewhere). But most hate hearing your a larger size and you are comfortable in that size. They freaking hate it.

So I say that to say this. I think I like my body.

There was a period where I was not sure. Because I would look in the mirror and have to guess if I like what I saw. I would agree that I would like to loose wight, then turn around and feel fine with what I looked like. But now, these days. I think I can finally say it. And mentally I think I finally got to the point where, I do honestly love my body.

Yeah, I had a baby. Maybe this helped me learn that I love my bod. I dealt with so many changes and still though I was cute during that transformation. I think I just accepted I love "myself". Took long enough. Yet, still Im am not perfect, I have mad stretch marks, my stomach bulges out, my arms are flabby, but...I still think I look fine. Or maybe I just lost it?! LOL!
I finally made it. Because loving yourself in the double digits is a challenge. Especially having a mother who is a fitness queen. But even she says I look beautiful, which maybe gave me that boast of confidence in myself. I don't know you guys. But Im liking what I see. I feel beautiful every morning. Don't get my wrong. I look at Beyonce and Rihanna and sometimes double think with myself. But what woman doesn't turn their heads at other women's bodies and compare sometimes. Skinny girls wish they had some ass, while big girls wish they had less. What a creed we are. We as woman. Society has built us to hate one another and compare our lives and looks to everyone. Its what we don't talk about.

So I have realized I adore my body. I love the lumps, and the curves, and even my belly that hangs over my jeans. I know to some Im not that big but you would be surprised what I am told. I love my xxl pants and shirts. I look beautiful. I finally honestly think so. And Im glad I finally got here. Self hate can be a bitch. A freaking monster.
But I think at 26 years old, I finally jumped that hurtle.
I can't lie. Greg makes me feel very very pretty. Even when Im in sweat pants and a stained tee shirt with bad breathe. I feel totally sexy around him. I can't lie, and this might sounds bad, but he made me love my body even more. He really did. Its nice when your other half compliments you everyday and stares at you like when you first met. He still hits on me and smacks my ass as if I was 18 again. I like that. And it makes me feel...
So, YEAH. He makes me feel spectacular in my own body...

P.S About Losing Weight With Breast-Feeding...
Do I think It Works?
My stomach went down but that was body looks the same...but my tummy has shrunk tremendously. I take a billion pics of myself, I can tell...
Something that pissed me off that Kirstie Alley said when she lost a thousand pounds was that she was tired of having fat people sex. There is no such thing. If you can get down sexually, you can get down sexually no matter what the size. I know people bigger than me that gets it on just fine. I hate the fact if your "bigger" you can't have a "good time" in the sack. I even know smaller skinner girls who don't have the best time smashing. I don't know. I thought what she said was stupid and repulsive...
Excuse my french but...
I call Bull shit!
Im not tryna put my business out there but...
I feel sex is also too secret. There is nothing wrong in talking about it. Its healthy.
Kirstie Alley was just having some bad sex. Then again, maybe she was just uncomfortable in her body. I believe if you do want to make a all means make it. But, don't put all thick, fat, chubby, people in a box. Its not cute...

"Celebrity Candy"

Love the boots so much. And the shades are massive...
Umm...she is from a couple of movies..I forget her last name of them being Kick Ass.
She looks amazing.
Love her coat. I like how every magazine she is in she is shot from the waist up.
Its not just me...but man she is a vision.
So pretty.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Chick from Transformers 3 can dress! I should feature her one day...

Gwen Stefani
I would love a knock off shirt or something close to this...

Dakota Fanning
Love the boots...

Corrine Bailey Rae
Wow...LOVE everything about this outfit, especially the colors...

Top Fashion Dog
I always remembered her as this plain jane chick from the movie Thirteen which was pretty awesome. She had blonde hair and regular pale face, and now...
She is a freaking fox!
She is a good actress and I seen her in many other movies just can't remember the names. But I had no idea what a fashionista she is...I mean whoa..
Check her out:
Here she is at the Emmys, love her when a woman chops that shit.
Oh did I mention she use to date Marilyn Mason??


Okay, Im done my rants for the day. Im done sharing I actually like myself, LOL!
Love you guys. I'll be back on Monday. This weekend should be awesome. I love when I have the Hubby all to myself. The family and I should be traveling to downtown San Diego tomorrow. Should be fun. Love you all...Thanks for reading or looking at the pictures. Either one rocks.

Song for Friday?
Defiantly Rihanna's song Cheers..."Don't Let The Bastards Get Ya Down.."
Tell'em Rih!!!!
Mwah, TTYL...


  1. Whooo hooo... U GO GIRRRRRL!!!! The pic's of beautiful!!!! ~Cheers to loving urself; Kudo's to GREG!!!!!

    The last picture is priceless... :))


  2. great post babe! Love your body and be proud of that love!! :)

    And total bullshit to fat sex comment!!! garrghh!! It's all about confidence. A confident woman is one hell of a sexy woman!! :) xx

  3. i love this post!once again, i adore the relationship you have with your husband, and you look great!

  4. Love, love, love this post! Positive talk like this from women is what makes me real happy! Like u said there's just some point when u just love yourself for who u are! Flaws and all! And that Corrine Bailey Rae picture is amazing!!! Im so happy for u! And thanks 4 the positive post today!!!

  5. great post. Have a great weekend.

  6. What a very inspiring and encouraging post! That's right yourself! It is an awesome thing! What a wonderful man you have found in Greg! You look freakin fabulous real tho!! Sexy! Kiah

  7. Great post chick!! Greg sounds like an amazing man!!

  8. This post is such a motivational piece! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for making me feel great too!