Friday, September 9, 2011

Set Fire To The Rain

So today we had the blackout from hell. I almost lost my mind with no power. It really blows me for a loop that the week my parents come, the heat goes super up and then the whole county of San Diego goes out. Everything just shut down. And mind you, Im in Marshall's at the time with my folks, Boobooski, and Hubbers. The lights just shut off. The whole town was shut off. I swear it was like a nightmare. The time my parents finally come, a freaking super power outage all the way to Yuma Arizona pops off. Man was I flipping. I want them to have a good time here you know? Not having to deal with stressful heat or even power outages where we all have to watch no t.v and light candles all damn night. Man, breast feeding in the dark is a bitch. Basically today was a mess. Hopefully tomorrow, good things will happen. I almost bust my top.

My folks being here is nice. I do like talking to my Mom at nights and I love seeing my Dad every day. I missed that. They really love the boobooski, alot.

Tomorrow I go back to Marshalls for the stuff we were about to get before the outage. Thank god! I got great stuff to post. Nothing to special given Im post pardum. And no, Im not one of those show offs who say "look at me" after pregnancy. I think I looks the same pretty much the same though. I will let you ladies be the ones to judge.

Heres some extra pics of my new time with the Boobooski...

Right now, its 2:12 in the morning. I felt like blogging. Greg is sleep to my right, and the little bug is asleep to my left. I watch her a lot. I find myself smiling regardless of whats going on when looking at her. She makes me laugh. And let me tell you, Im learning everything about her. The way she stretches her feet after a good breast pumped meal. The frown she puts on if you snag a kiss on her forehead. Those dark eyes that look up at you from time to time. Even the time I changed her diaper and shit still came out all over my hand after I just completed the diaper task. Her expression was so priceless that I laughed my ass off. I couldn't even be grossed out. She was to hilarious. Im really in to her. I think about her all the time. I check on her alot as well. I have became a Mom. Strange.
But enjoying it.


I feel there is so much to say. Im pretty hungry right now. I could go on forever about the little boobooski. But I wont.

My Dad mentioned something to me tonight. He made an amazing point. He said in his 56 years of living, everything he has been through, had a reason behind it. But in life you have to look closely to see the good in it. There has to be something about situation that is needed. I thought that was pretty deep. My Dad is a intellectual at heart. He made me think about all my situations I sweat over. I will try and see the reason behind it, even though it will be hard.
But alright ladies.
Ima try and catch some z's and relax with the boo...
Extra Pics:

Love u all!
I'll be back to my normal posts very soon, bare with me!


  1. girl don't be in no hurry to come back an post. you just had a baby.

    Man that suck about the power outage. We had one years ago in Michigan.

  2. Awe. What a sweet post. I love all the pictures! So sorry that the power outage had to happen while you were spending some precious time with your family. That really stinks. Boobooski is looking so cute! Look at her pretty hair and those cheeks...I can't get over those cheeks! You are already such a great mother. The love you feel is just so evident! Your dad seems like such a wise man. He is so right in that everything happens for a reason and what doesn't break you only makes you stronger. I believe that everything we go through builds our character and refines us. The elders at church say "you can't have a testimony if you don't have a test". I can't wait to hear more about your new life as Kylie's Mommy!! Kiah

  3. Aww...I am so happy that your happy!! Your mom is beautiful, reminds me alot of my own mother!

  4. Awww, look at the princess! im sorry that the power went out on your parents, that's messed up. and your dad is right: there is a reason behind everything. you might even have to go back a few "incidents" to get to the heart of the reason, but it's always going to be there. take your time, you're a new mom and you're already giving us more than we could ever ask for. you're amazing...

  5. This was a sweet post!! I am so sorry about the power outage!! I heard! You and I arent so far from one another!! Stick to being a mommy for now! Blogging can follow!

  6. Oh my lord she is just the most perfect little bubba!!! Congratulations! Sorry to hear about the power outage, what a pain!

  7. Oh she is sooo beautiful!!! I hope to see her grow with you...Thanks for sharing something so precious with us...Its also nice to see your Mum and Dad...Im such a family freak so I love these posts...

    <3 mele

  8. Omg , I just open u page now , and I can belive your was pregdent and having a baby !She is very cute , congratulation..
    And I am sorry Because I was very besy lately ,, and I will read all your posts ,,
    I hope u steal remeber me ,,,
    I am hamiss from saudi arabia ,,and sorry for bad english

  9. Shes so cute and a Virgo!!! I am glad everything went smooth. I heard about the blackout from another, I am glad it didn't last long. Especially with a new baby.

    Two tips.....ALWAYS wear a bra and get a girdle to help push those stomach muscles back.

    Breast feeding is great and walking too.

  10. congrats on the new family member! what a cutie! :)