Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post Marshalls Look: Prints & Tints

Whats up peeps.
Its gonna be a bit hard posting this post given my Mom is here watching my every move. She hates me on the computer, so I have to mind her. Can't blame the fact she wants my attention. Which is fine, I won't see her till Christmas. She leaves Thursday and my Dad left today for Maryland.

It was a good time, some parts were ... interesting. My dad hates being away from home and without his football. My mom well, she's being a Mom and giving me advice every six minutes. It been good, yet alot to take in.

So my folks and I went shopping and one of the stores we went into was Marshalls. The baby got some cool stuff, and I happened to sneak a shirt in while shopping around. A couple actually. Marshalls had a good clearance rack, and I made sure to take at least one good deal. not to mention a good deal on a pumpkin costume for Ky. This shirt I purchased was only eleven dollars and I loved the print. Like a blue and beige print. Check the flowing arms.
I love...
And yes, this is a week after the pregnancy...
Im not skinnier or bigger if you ask me, Im the same size. I know breast feeding is suppose to make you smaller, but, I still look the same to me.

More Pix Below:
Huge milk boobs...

Here is more of a close up of the print. It has a leopard appeal...

My Mum got me this purse/diaper bag, can't go wrong with that, and it matched pretty nicely...
And of course I rocked my leopard shoes...
Overall, I feel amazing since the birth.
I do feel sore and it hurts when I laugh but, thats normal. Tee hee.
And as for motherhood, its not what I thought. I always thought why would I want to wipe someones ass every 5 minutes and feed someone and hear them cry every hour......then I realized if you love something..better yet, love someone...
You don't see it that way....
I don't.
Okay enough with the sentimental stuff...

Celeb Candy
Its been so long since I blogged. I know I missed out on so much Celeb fashion. I know I did. Wahh! But at least I came back for New York Fashion Week! I do care about the bad ass designs but I mainly care about the celebs that come out and about. Some looked a mess ( I noticed) and some looked amaze. My usual faves looked ravishing as always...
Bey & Jay
I have not seen her since her pregnancy. Then again I was stuck in the hospital for a while with no internet, which sucked. But I saw this picture and thought "Awww.." when I saw it.
Preggie Bey..
Yeah they are....

Nicki Minaj
I liked this, but ....
It does look like Claire's Boutique threw up on her...
Why do I like this?
Something about all her color and pink. It just works....

Angela Simmons
How amazing is this suit? Angela is the shit, her fashion is off the hook.
She is very pretty as well.
If you love african influenced style you will love Solange...she never fails me.
She looked amazing during fashion week. If I could only go inside her closet...
Love this!!!!!!!!

Kelly Osbourne
Here she is during fashion week. Love the dress. Surprisingly she was not my favorite look at Fashion week, usually she is. Feeling that bag as well...

Courtney Love
I have a weird fetish for Courtney, mainly because she is a hot mess and a huge rock star. Her style is bad ass when she cleans up. Loved the gloves and the shades, mixed with bedtime hair...It works..

The Best Celeb Look @ Fashion Week:
My Opinion
Angela Simmons:
How hot and sexy is this chick. Here are a couple of pics:
I would rock this so hard!
Look at that clutch!!!! I die...

So right now my song that is on repeat is Adele's Set Fire To The Rain...
The instrumental touches me for some reason, and her voice.
The song is of course about a break up like always, and I can't relate to that, but for some reason this song touches me as if it did. Something grabs me when I hear this song...
Its a downloader for real...

It so hard to blog with the Mommy here, she does want all my attention before she leaves so maybe I should leave. Im going to to sign off here. Also, yesterday was my Birthday Egh. I did not celebrate hardcore or anything, just chilled with family. Im 26 now.
Im happy were I am, can't lie...Im happy at 26 for sure.
And I got my gift a bit early.



  1. no gurl you look so GREATTTTT! Esp after only one week!!! I love Solange's style too...I think she is a fave of mine!

  2. Another fabulous outfit!! You are so inspiring babe! I've spread a little blog love and passed on an award to you! Check it out! :) xx


  3. U look amazing 4 just having a baby!!! And some of your fav celebrities and their style I love as well! I love Solange and wow look at Angela coming up in the world! Congrats!


  4. What..did you really just have a baby...no way!! You look AMAZING!!!

  5. Girl you look fantastic BOO! Oh how I've missed you and it is so good to hear that all is well with you and your new bundle of joy! Love your top so much. I am going right now to look for Angela's clutch. I WANT...NOW!! Thanks for sharing! Kiah

  6. You look great 4 having a baby. That Dipper bag is so cute.


  7. Umm you had a baby!?!?!? I wouldnt have noticed! Seriously! You look gorgeous!!! AS ALWAYS!

  8. You did not just have a baby. You look fantastic. Having a baby is working for you.

  9. I love the top and you look amazing!

  10. great choice with that top its very figure flattering.

  11. you look amazing, especially after giving birth. and those jeans... girl... i would steal those. :)